Sunday, February 27, 2011

Let's Celebrate Emmitt Together! :)

Thank you so much everyone for all of your love!

I cannot tell you how much it has healed my heart in just one day!

Emmitt is smiling and happy!

He wants us all to smile too!

Let's celebrate Emmitt together!

Let the music begin ~ Elvis is in the buliding!



Saturday, February 26, 2011

I am Over the Rainbow ~ All is Well

Hi everyone!

It is me... Emmitt

Today is a very special day.

Today is a good day.

Today is the day I made my transition to Heaven.

My momma and dad love me more than anything in this world and in this ultimate show of love, they helped me to renew my spirit, my youth and my freedom.

All is well my dear friends.

All is as it should be.

Life is eternal.
Love is eternal.
Love is Art.
Art is Life!

My dear friend Tweedles recently wrote a poem about the Bravest Tree.
I feel like I am just like the that brave tree, and that I still and always will embody the love, life and spirit like I always have for all of us for all time that has been, and all time that will continue to be.

My mom and I will continue to love this amazing life and create and share our art.

She and dad will honor me one day soon with a new puppy that will run and play and make us all laugh while I gently float above, along side and upon his shoulders.

All is well my dear friends!

I love you all with all of my heart.

I am happy and free and all is truly well.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Fred Photos ~ Florida Wetlands

Hi everyone!
Happy Friday!
We get to see a special treat today!

Fred was so lucky to escape some of our snow last week and go to Florida for a few days.

On his trip he stopped by a wetland reserve to take some photographs for us to enjoy.
Look at these amazing shots he captured...

Ha! Everyone is snapping in this photo...
Fred is snapping pictures and the aligator is about to snap at the snapping turtles!

What a wonderful world we live in!
Where is your favorite place to emerse yourself in nature?
Emmitt, Fred and I love to go to the open space areas like this one near our house that I showed you in November.
Please leave us a note and let us know and include a link if you can show us.
We cannot wait to see!
Have a super day and weekend everyone!
m & e

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow Storm in Texas ~ Annie & Howie Reporting

Hi there everyone!
This here is Howie Pee Pants from Flower Mound, Texas!

I am here with my sister, Annie Bee, to show you all the snow we have gotten in Texas this winter!

Luckily, My Maw, Nancy, got us these special Sweater Vests from my buddy Emmitt's Maw , Melissa.

(... and um, those are my toes in her picture, and um, no, I did not smush her little pug nose in the snow right before this was snapped. That is my story, and I'm stickin' to it! ;)

I am so glad my mom visited here to see all the colors we could get... and then visited here to place her order.
They were done in no time flat and came just in time to warm our little bodies before this storm hit!
Please just email Emmitt's Maw, Melissa, if you would like your very own sweater vest!
I know she would love to make you one too! Just tell her that Howie Pee sent ya! ;)
Emmitt's Pals,
Howie and Annie Bee reporting from Flower Mound, TX

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Pug & Corgi Sculptures!

Hi everyone!

I am so excited to show you the 2 new sculptures I just got from my friend, Beth at Brianna Blue Studio!

The first one is for me... he is a Valentine's Puggy!
Isn't he wonderful?
Beth has another for sale in her shop here if you want one too!
The second one was a Valentine's Day giftie!
I commissioned Beth to make Melanie her very own...

I had to hide it from myself so that I would not give it to Melly early! :)
She was so excited when she opened the package!

Speaking of love and doggies... Meet Bailey Rose!
She is the lucky little puggy that just joined Beth's family!
I am so excited for all of them!
Please visit Beth's blog to meet Bailey Rose and welcome her home!

What a wonderful day!

m & e

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cookie Monster Meets The Chocolate Chip Cookie

Hi everyone!

Happy Tuesday!

I had to smile this morning when looking through my collection of dog sweater vests.

I could not help myself! I mixed and matched them like little outfits in a closet!

These 3 look so cute together!

Wouldn't these make a fun set walking down the street together?

Variegated Blue, Almond, Navy body/ Royal Blue bobbles / Royal Blue collar

Almond body / Royal Blue bobbles / White collar

Almond body / Chocolate Brown bobbles / White collar

Winston Wilbur says to bring on the Cookie Monster and the Muffin!
He is ready for the crumbs to fly! :)

All 3 vests are available to ship today in my etsy shop.

Please email me anytime or choose a custom listing and let me know which sweater vest you would like me to make for you if you do not see the colors or sizes that you need.

Emmitt & I would love to make anything you want!
m & e

Monday, February 21, 2011

Crochet Dumplings ~ Deliciously Fun!

Happy Monday everyone!
Guess what I made this weekend?
Dim Sum Dumplings - Steamed Pork and Shrimp (with extra fiber)
I got the pattern from one of my favorite artists on Etsy: MelBangel

Don't they look yummy?

Emmitt wanted to eat them, but I told him these were for display. :)

Speaking of display... I bought the cute red sushi server they are sitting on at crate and barrel for under $6!
I love looking at "accessories" to display the stuff I make.
Remember the tables I got to for my crocheted fruit collection? :)

My crochet sushi and dumpling food collection is complete!

Ta Da!

Have a wonderful day today!

m & e

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Funnies ~ Meet Em ~ Emmitt's Little Doll

Hi Everyone!
It is me... Emmitt!
(I am the big one on the right.)
The little guy on the left is Em, my "Mini Me" doll!

Isn't he cute?
He even has grey markings on his face just like me!

and buggy eyes that match not only mine, but the bobble pillow he sits on!

He even has a green velvet collar with my name on it!
I call him Em for short since he is well...
I just love him!
My auntie Melanie special ordered him for me and my mom for Valentine's Day on etsy from a wonderful shop called LeafPeople.
The artist combines her love of dogs, wool and all things vintage to create these amazing works of art in all different breeds!
Thank you auntie Melly!
You found us the perfect gift!
Life is Art... Art is Life!
e & m

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Today is Sweater Day - The Green Stubby Way

Hi everyone!
Today is a very special day!
Winston and his family are having a wonderful contest to honor our beautiful friend Stubby and the planet today.
Please click here to read all about the contest and how you can enter to help bring awareness of what we can do everyday to improve our environment and protect our planet together.

I am so excited to honor my dear friend Stubby and help the environment that we turned down the thermostat by 6 degrees and I am wearing two sweaters and a hat today!

Here I am in my green sweater too!
Thank you Winston for hosting this amazing and loving event!



Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Tweed Collection ~ New Dog Sweater Vests

Hi Everyone!

Emmitt & I are so excited about our new Collection of Dog Sweater Vests!


Rainbow Tweed
Red Tweed
Lt. Blue Tweed
Green Tweed
Retro Tweed
Sock Monkey
Each one has little flecks of color running through it to give them a warm, rich texture that we just love!

Red Tweed , Rainbow Tweed, Green Tweed

Lt. Blue Tweed

Red Tweed & Retro Tweed Sweater Vests

Mugsy loves his Red Tweed Sweater Vest

Photo courtesy of Elisa V., CT

Marvin loves his Retro Tweed Sweater Vest

Photo courtesy of Elisa V., CT

Sluggo loves his Sock Monkey Sweater Vest

Photo courtesy of Kathy W., CT

All of the Tweed Sweater Vests are available in my Etsy Shop.

If you do not see the size and color you would like, please just email me and I will be happy to make one just for you!
m & e

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 Blog Hop ~ Easy to Knit Teddy Bear

Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday!

What a fun day!

FaveCrafts Blog is hosting a blog hop today for people to post about their favorite craft projects!

I just loved making these easy to knit tube teddies and wanted to share the tutorial again with all of you!

Please click here to read the whole "how to" on knitting your very own teddy bear!

and be sure to hop on over to the FaveCrafts Blog Hop to see everyone's favorite projects!

I cannot wait to see what everyone made and make some too!

I love to learn and try new things!

Please email me anytime with any questions about my project or to send photos of your finished bears!

I would love to see and share them with everyone!
Melissa & Emmitt

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

We love you with all of our hearts!

Thank you for all of the beautiful cards!

and the candies!

Will you be our Valentine?

Emmitt & Melissa

P.S. We just got a sweet note from Pearl & Daisy that they got their heart cookies that they won in our Valentine's Cookie Giveaway!

We are so happy you are enjoying them!

Thank you for the photos and all of the beautiful cards above everyone!