Thursday, April 30, 2009

Partypalooza 2009!

Hi everyone! Emmitt here!

Great News every doggy and kitty...

Mom and Dad just left for San Diego and Partypalooza 2009 has begun!

My home is open to all of you for 10 days of meatloaf, cookies, pizza and birthday cake as several puggies will be having their birthdays during the event!

We will do lots of fun Colorado things like...



and Fishing

Thank you for celebrating with me! I am honored! This is an ongoing party that all of you are invited to join. Read all about it here... Emmitt's Partypalooza 2009.

It is never too late to join in on the fun. Just leave me a comment on this post to let me know you are coming so that I can prepare your own personal meatloaf to be hot and ready when you arrive. I would love to have you here for as long as you can stay.

Now remember, our cover story to tell you pawrents for your absence is that you are at *Obedience Class*.

You will all learn one trick while you are here to impress your pawrents. Don't worry, it is easy and there are lots of treats to go with the lesson.

You will learn to stare at a cookie until your pawrents release you to eat it. They LOVE that one!

You are all invited and coming! No worries about sending pictures. :)

Here are some doggies that sent pictures so you can see their wonderful faces...

Zoe & Zack







Mitch & Maggie




Cecil, Ty & Pip






How fun! I am excited for you to arrive! *Ding Dong*Ding Dong* oooo! That is the door bell!

Let the partying begin!



Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I have been shopping on Etsy!

I am so excited about my new pug bag from our very own Joan & Skippy of Linden Line Designs.

I love it! The back is as cute as the front!

I am keeping all of my crochet hooks, scissors, and yarn needles with me and organized in this fabulous bag. It is the perfect size and the craftmanship is flawless!

I am so excited to visit her booth in Seattle at the pug party on May 9th. I cannot wait to buy more of her art!

While shopping I also found a black pug keychain to keep the fawn one company that I got last year...
Leather Pug Keychains from Lic Gifts

and I got these wonderful Pug Dolls from Boo Beasties!

Don't they look cute with the rest of my stuffed art collection?

I hope I find more pug art on my trip to San Diego. We leave tomorrow to combine some vacation time in with the San Diego Pug Party on Saturday.
I am not sure why, but Emmitt is cleaning and cooking enough for an army! There is a giant birthday cake in the oven and little meat loaves everywhere!
Hmmmm.... I wonder what this little pug has up his sleeve. Do you guys know what he is up to? He is just smiling and saying he is cooking for when I am away so his lunch breaks will be quick while filling orders next week.
Please let me know if you know anything! :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crochet and Knitting Projects

Crochet Bobble Stripe Squares

8 x 8

Acrylic Yarn

I have had so much fun crocheting squares to send to South Africa to the Knit-A-Square Project that makes our donated squares into blankets to keep children warm.

I made them from a pattern in my favorite crochet book, 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton.
The Bobble Stripe block can be seen on the cover and is square #29 on page 48. This book is wonderfully laid out with great directions, photos and clear diagrams in the back for all of the stitches.

I have enjoyed this book so much that I just ordered two more that remind me of it. I will now have patterns to make similar pieces in creative shapes besides squares and beautiful flowers too. I will let you know how they are as soon as they arrive and I give them a whirl.

I am really excited to try the patterns from both of these books. What a great way to use up my yarn stash.

Knit Cotton Towels

I have also been knitting in the evenings and recently made these 3 hand towels for my bathroom. I used variegated dyed cotton yarn so that they would be colorful, absorbent and easy to wash. They were great fun to make while watching TV. :)

What have you been creating lately? Please leave a comment and let me know. I would love to hear all about it!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Daily Planners ~ Print It Yourself

Pug Collage Daily Planner

Pug Carvings Daily Planner

I am so excited to introduce 3 more planners to my Print It Yourself line of stationery in my Etsy Shop.
Now you can schedule your day from 6am to 8pm. Print a fresh one everyday with these daily planners that come to you as PDF Files.
Now you can choose from Daily Planners, Weekly Planners and To Do Lists to help keep you organized and you will never run out.
My favorite way to start my week is to plan it out.

Happy Monday everyone!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Emmitt and the Gang

Hi Everyone! Emmitt here again!
We finished two more bears today and these guys have been telling jokes ever since their smiles were sewn on.

One tells the joke and the other gives the punchline and then they both start laughing!

Oh My!

I like them!

They are on their way to Africa to make lots of children laugh too!
Happy Friday everyone!