Monday, July 27, 2015

Pug Hugs , Snores & Smiles!

Happy Monday everyone!

R-Chee & I are smiling from ear to ear!

Our friend Tiffy in CA just sent us a photo of how she is spending time with her Pug Bummlie ~ Earl!

They are enjoying their Summer afternoons playing and napping, eating and napping and then playing again! :)

Pug Bummlie ~ Earl would love to come and play with you too!

He and his sister...


are all packed and ready to arrive on your door step! :)

Each Bummlie is one of a kind!

He or she comes to you with his or her very own name, personality & smile to share with you & your family on your exciting adventures together!

The Bummlies are so unique that once they are gone... they are gone.

New faces, new names, new colors & prints will be born as each one is quickly adopted and starting his or her new life with you!

So to avoid any disappointment...

R-Chee's advice is to purchase a Bummlie when one grabs your heart!

He will personally dance with your Bummlie, package him or her up and send them on their way to you!

The Bummlies are having so much FUN with all of you that they just cannot contain their glee!

They are bursting at the seams with excitement, so R-Chee & I have built a special gallery where they can Show & Tell all of their stories with you!

It is called The Bummlie Gallery and it's new home is...

You may ask...

What are The Bummlies?

The Bummlies are my new line of Stuffing-Free Dog Toys for you to enjoy!

The Bummlie Gallery is a storyboard of FUN from Bummlies who have been adopted by families all over the world!

They are reporting back with adventures filled with LOVE!

You can adopt your special Bummlie today in our 

Etsy shop... 

Each Bummlie sends the message of LOVE both from his front chest and his back "bum"! :)

Handmade of soft fleece, a solid piece of terry cloth stuffing, thread and a lot of LOVE... 

Each Bummlie is unique & the perfect buddy for both dogs and kids!

They are machine washable and if opened by your 4 footed kid, they will not leave stuffing everywhere since they are safely stuffed with a terry cloth towel section that is one solid, safe piece that makes your Bummlie even more huggable!

They are approximately 10" high from tip of ears to toes and 8 " across from paw to paw.

I happily cut, sew, hand embroider and stuff each doll for you to enjoy.

Please check out The NEW Bummlie Gallery and Pug Notes etsy shop often as they are both bursting at the seams with NEW Bummlies and photos everyday!

Thank you for always playing with us!

Melissa & R-Chee

Monday, July 20, 2015

Our Summer is Blooming!

Happy Monday everyone!

It is meeeee...


Guess what we have been up to this summer?

We have been enjoying it by taking the time to stop, see & soak in all the wonderful things around us!

Like ... cooler breezes that have arrived this Summer that rarely come in July!

Enjoying the rain that falls from the clouds that gather in the bright sunny skies every afternoon.

Appreciating the flowers that pop their heads up at us!

... and creating lots of art together and then sharing it with you!

 My mom and I have had so much FUN drawing, coloring, crocheting, sewing and learning that our Summer has been flying by!

Here are some of the things we have been inspired to make with our crayons and crochet hooks so far...

"Pick Every Flower"

Wax Crayon & Collage ~ Melissa Langer 2015

...and our freeform crochet flower garden is growing!

It is so much FUN to see how it changes everyday!

I am excited to see which way it takes us next!

What FUN things are you doing this Summer?

Please leave us a note and let us know!

We cannot wait to hear all about them!

R-Chee & Melissa

Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Morning Musings ~ Grab Your Pug & Get in Close!

Happy Monday everyone!

I had so FUN kicking back & coloring with my crayons this weekend!

I love appreciating the stillness of Sunday mornings.

Before the sun rises, it feels like everyone in the world is still asleep except for the little birds singing outside and my sweet R-Chee looking up at me with his groggy pug eyes.

It is the perfect time to grab my crayons and a cup of tea and color the morning away!

Look who came out to play with us!

This little pug appeared to remind us to...

"Get In Close"

by Melissa Langer ~ 2015
Wax Crayon & Collage

and listen to what the stillness has to say!

What does your "Inner Pug" say to you?

Melissa & R-Chee

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Freeform Crochet ~ My FUN Fiber Flower Garden is Growing!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I am having so much FUN creating a Fiber filled flower garden this Summer!

It is sprouting up everyday with new colors & textures right before my eyes without a plan or a pattern. :)

I am really enjoying the process of picking up my hook to combine all my favorite stitches like bobbles, bullions, fans, and single, double and half double crochets into magical little blooms.

Each one is pretty by itself, but when I pick up my yarn needle & join them like a puzzle to form a solid fabric, I get something spectacular!

I recently showed you my Freeform Crochet Pug Doll that I made from the fabric I created in an online Freeform Crochet Class on Craftsy with Myra Wood.

Well, I loved him so much that I could not wait to get started on my next project.

To add to the FUN and ease of working without a pattern, I treated myself to trip to The Container Store!

I love any excuse to find neat containers to organize my projects.

I came home with a little red cart to make my yarn stash portable and easy to access anywhere I want to work... even outside in my outdoor garden! :)

Now I it is easy to work & watch it grow!

I do not have a plan for this new project but the idea of creating a unique wall hanging is exciting to me.

I will keep you posted on how it grows as I go! :)

Melissa & R-Chee

Monday, July 06, 2015

The Bummlie Report ~ Bummlies are Living It up from Coast to Coast!

Happy Monday everyone!

R-Chee & I are smiling from ear to ear!

We are receiving wonderful Bummlie Reports from all over the world on a daily basis and cannot wait to share them with you!

Meet Cleo!

She and her Bunny Bummlie ~ Betsy are having a wonderful Star Spangled Summer together!

They love to splash the doggie pool, have leisurely picnics at the dog park and snooze in the nice cool air conditioning together!

Photo courtesy of Mary R., SC

Meet Bodhi!

He loves to kick up his paws after a FUN afternoon of playing with his Bunny Bummlie ~ Beatrice!

Tee Hee!

Bodhi is showing off his perfect form for Beatrice today while enjoying a foot massage! :)

He is one smart Puggy!

Photos courtesy of Sara F., WI

...and Meet Tweedles!

She is as sweet as can be falling asleep every night with her Bear Bummlie ~ Maple!

Photo courtesy of Georgie W., OR

How FUN!

R-Chee & I cannot tell you how happy it makes us to know that you all love your Bummlies!

It truly makes making them a joy for us too!

You can meet & adopt your favorite Bummlie too in my etsy shop today! 

They are all one of a kind to grab them while they last! :) 


Melissa & R-Chee

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July everyone from me and R-Chee!

Thank you all for always playing with us! 

We are wishing you a FUN

Red, White & Blue Independance Day!

Let's see what some of you are up to today!!!



Who is ready to watch the fireworks in his Woofie Warmer !



Dressed perfectly in her Dog Sweater Vest for her party with her Star Spangled Bummlie today!

 Thank you so much Mary R. and Alex L. for sharing your wonderful photos with us!

R-Chee & I are celebrating with ALL of you today!

We LOVE making and sharing our art with all of you all year long!

Have a wonderful 4th everyone!


Melissa & R-Chee
(My little Firecracker!)

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Aloha from the Bummlies ~ Earl & Eli Make Waves in Hawaii!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

My name is Mabel and I live in Idaho at the Idaho Pug Ranch with my wonderful family!

I love playing with my Pug Bummlie Earl and we dream of  all the adventures we can take together!

My pawrents took Earl with them to California earlier this year on a whirl wind vacation!

My dream is to go to Hawaii with my Pug Bummlie Earl and go to a real luau!

I got the idea after talking to my friends, Betsy & Tobie-Ann who live in Hawaii all year long!

Tobie-Ann chillaxing with Earl & Eli!

Pug Bummlie ~ Earl & Bear Bummlie ~ Eli have just arrived in Hawaii to live with Betsy & Tobie-Ann!

Their sweet mom Cora Y., wrote this wonderful note to let R-Chee know that they welcomed them to their new home with open paws! 

"Hi Melissa & Archie!
As I knew they would, Betsy and Tobie-Ann love snoozing and playing with Earl and Eli! 
Thank you for your creative genius in making adorable and safe toys for the 'kids'!
Cora, Betsy and Tobie-Ann"

Thank you Cora for sharing your JOY with us!

You can meet & adopt your favorite Bummlie too in my etsy shop 24 /7!

Betsy sleeping with Earl & Eli!