Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fiber Art Show 2011

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Melanie and I love this time of year because we get to go to all of our favorite craft shows together!

We just went to our most favorite one ~ The FIBER ART SHOW! :)

My favorite teacher and needle felting artist Heide Murray was there!

Melanie was so sweet and bought me the snowman while I bought the lion and then I got a felted egg and a knit monster doll.

I get a doll from this artist every year to add to my Yarn & Sewing Room!

Look how happy they are sitting in my ready to ship sweater vests!

They are all so much FUN!

What fun Holiday Shows do you like to go to in your part of the world?

Please leave me a note and tell me all about them!

I cannot wait to hear!


Melissa & Archie

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thankful Tuesday ~ Friends' Fabulous Art!

I am so thrilled to show you the art that friends have been generous enough to take the time to share with me!

The first photo is of some of Melanie's new wool blanket bears she is creating for the holidays!

She has a new batch for sale in her etsy shop along with Mini bear ornaments, Holiday Elf Dolls and more!

Tweedles and Georgie just finished a beautiful yarn painting!

Look how amazing it is!

I get goosebumps everytime I look at it!

If you would like to make a yarn painting too, I have created a fun tutorial for you to enjoy!

Thank you so much for always playing with us!

... and my friend Lynne just made two beautiful crochet sculptures inspired by the desert and the sea!

A gorgeous cactus bowl and a coral formation with a crab!

They are just amazing!

She got the patterns on etsy!

Here is the cactus pattern and here is the coral formation if you would like to get them too!

and looook what Lynne just surprised me with...

Archie and Gilbert felties!

Aren't they fabulous?

I have them sitting here on my desk inspiring me and making me smile all day long!

Thank you Lynne!

I just adore them!

It brings me so much joy to see what you all create!

Please feel free to email me photos and stories anytime!

I would love to see what you are doing!


Melissa & Archie

Monday, November 28, 2011

Archie's Gladdy Paddy is Here!

Happy Monday everyone!

How was your holiday weekend?

Ours was so much fun filled with food, football and fiber art!

I had so much fun making custom Sweater Vests and Barkclava Hats while Fred watched football. :)

Archie was super excited too as he got to enjoy his very first Thanksgiving!

After he woke up from his food coma, he was thrilled to see his new Gladdy Paddy was here!

Our friends Gladys and Linda make the most beautiful pet quilts that they sell in their etsy shop, LindyLou4U

Linda and Gladys made one for us in our favorite colors ~ Yellow & Orange!

Archie has been playing on it with his favortie monkey toy all afternoon!

When he finally poops himself out, he can take a nap on it! :)

We love our Gladdy Paddy!

Thank you Linda and Gladys!

What fun things did you do this weekend?

Did you travel or stay home?

Please leave us a note and let us know!

We cannot wait to hear all about it!

We hope to be able to get to say hello on your blogs this week!

Our fingers and pug toes have been tied up in yarn filling orders, but I know we will get to come and say hello soon!


Melissa & Archie

Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Funnies ~ Archie is FULL!

Oh my Goodness!

Happy Day After Thanksgiving everyone!

Now I know why they call today Black Friday!

It is because until I burp, I can only open my eyes this much! :)

I do not feeeeeel so good!

My tummy is still FULL!

I did a little too much of this yesterday...

But it was worth it! :)

Food comas can be very relaxing!

I think I will go and find my momma and sleep by her feet while she crochets sweater vest and Barkclava orders today!

I actually feel much better but extra sympathy cuddles work for me!

Tee Hee!

What do you have planned today?

Are you braving the shopping crowds for some great deals?

Please leave us a note and tell us all about your Turkey Day and weekend!

We cannot wait to hear all about it!


Archie *Burp* Ahhhhh ~ Barchie

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Birthday Moe!

Hi everyone!

It is me...


I am so excited to wish you all a super duper Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so thankful for having you all as my friends!

I am one very lucky puggy!

Speaking of friends, I want to introduce you all to a new friend, George!

He is the winner of my Turkey Leg Giveaway along with his sister puggies, Lily and Violet.

His mom, Mia, explained that they are not in the photo because Georgie has not decided to share it with them yet. :)

Don't worry girls, with all of that extra fiber in it ~ maybe he will be full soon and drop it. :)

Tee Hee!

We are so thrilled that he LOVES it so much!

I also want to wish my dear Corgi Cousin, Moe a Happy Happy Birthday!

He is 7 years old today!

We love you Moe Moe!

If you would like to leave him a birthday wish too, please just leave a comment on this post.

I will wrap them up with a big bow and make sure he hears every single one!

Look at those ears he has!

I bet he can hear them while you type and does not even need us to read them out loud!

He is such a smart Corgi!

Where do I get antenna like that?


Archie Barchie

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wonderful Holiday Elf Dolls!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Oh my gosh!

Look at these wonderful Holiday Elf dolls my twin sister, Melanie, has been making for a Holiday Craft Show in Winter Park, CO!

I LOVE them all!

I have purchased 3 already and want more!

Each one is so unique and whimsical!

I promised Melly I would share and let others have a chance to purchase them at her Holiday Show and in her Etsy Shop too. :)

They are flying out the door!

Please feel free to contact her through her Etsy Shop if you would like one too.

I know she will custom make one for you if she can fit them into production.

*Please order early so that you will not be disappointed.*


Melissa & Archie

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sweet as Can Be ~ Candy Cane & Good & Plenty

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I am so excited to share two new cutie patooties with you!

They are as sweet as can be in their Candy Cane and Good & Plenty Sweater Vests!

Brutus loves his new Candy Cane Sweater Vest from the Holiday Collection!

He lives in CO with his mom, Louisa R.

... and Scarlet loves her new Good & Plenty Sweater Vest from The Candy Collection!

She lives in RI with her mom, Meredith L.

Thank you Louisa and Meredith for sharing your wonderful photos with us!

We had so much fun making yoru sweater vests for you!

Please let me know if you would like me to make you a Barkclava Dog Hat and/or Sweater Vest too.

You can see all the possibilities anytime in The Sweater Vest Gallery at

and The Barkclava Gallery at

I am happy to make any color combos you would like and set up a special listing for you in my Etsy Shop.

Melissa and Archie

Monday, November 21, 2011

3 New Pug Dolls for my Collection!

Happy Monday everyone!

I am so excited to show you the 3 new pug dolls I just got!

I purchased them all on Etsy!

They arrived from all corners of the world! :)

They are my international puggies!

One is from Vietnam, one is from The UK and one is from Guam! :)

The crocheted thread pug in the first photo is so amazing!

He is teeny tiny!

Measuring less than 1/2" tall!

Look at all the expression and detail he has!

Melanie got him for me for my birthday! :)

I crocheted a special pink cushion for him to sit on!

I purchased him from Suami on Etsy.

This beautiful pug is made of mohair and is from the UK!

Look at all of the gorgeous details the artist lovingly made him with!

I love his hand and foot pads and his blue and brown jumper!

The artist's shop is Boolouroo Bears on Etsy.

He reminds me of Melanie's gorgeous handmade fully jointed mohair bears with a Puggy twist!

It was also the perfect gift from her for our birthday last month. :)

Thank you Melly!

They even arrived on the same day in the mail! :)

Look at that face!

And this amazing puggy is a birthday present to myself!

It is another Paddywak Pug from Karen in Guam.

I have no less than 12 of her dolls that I have been collecting since 2004.

I could not think of a better treat!

The beads are from her trip to Hong Kong earier this year!

I love her shop and her blog that shows us her fabulous art, family and travels!

Tee Hee!

This is just one tiny display of my pug doll collection in the kitchen.

You can never have too many pug dolls!

Life is Art... Art is Life!


What are your favorite things to collect?

Please leave us a note and let us know!

We cannot wait to hear all about them!


Melissa & Archie

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Only 3 Boxes Left! ~ Inside Info for my Friends :)

Happy Saturday everyone!

I wanted you all to be the first to know of a favorite product on that will soon not be available anymore!

I have had my wonderful box set of 3 Pug Soaps on my website for over 10 years, and I just learned that the manufacturer has discontinued this special line of products for me to create and share.

I only have 3 boxes of Soaps left and then they will be gone forever!

I wanted you to be the first to know so that you could get yours now before they are sold out.

Please click here to orders your today.

I will confirm your order as soon as it is received so you know that they are on the way sent by Priority Mail.

If by chance, they sell out I will also let you know by email immediately.

Please do not worry about your credit card being charged as I process all transactions manually and fufill this order from my location with Archie helping me pack all of the boxes. :)

He is an excellent assistant this holiday season and assures me he knows how to count to 3 and has counted the boxes several times as they are now a collectors' item. :)

I also wanted to thank all of you for hanging in there with us and leaving wonderful comments on the blog and facebook while I have been happily but madly crocheting custom sweater vests and barkclava hat orders for the holiday season.

I have been reading all of your bloggies, but have not been able to keep up with comments for the last few weeks like I usually do.

I promise to be back to my talkative self in just a few more weeks. :)

Please feel free to email me anytime, and also let me know if there are posts you wnat me to read right away.

We are here and would love to hear from you!


Melissa & Archie

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Funnies ~ Archie Eat your Veggies!

Hi everyone!

It is me...

Archie Barchie

Houston... I think I may have a problem!

At dinner time the other evening, my momma said "Archieeeeee look what I made special for you tonight..."

... and she put a plate of steamed assorted veggies next to my puppy food for getting me used to some fresh non-puppy kibbly food I have been eating my whooooole life!

She said now that I am almost 10 months old that I can start expanding my horizons and not so much my waist line at this point.


What does that mean?

I hope it does not mean veggies with this much fiber!

I'm scared!


Not fresh vegetables!

"Oh Archie... you are so silly! Emmitt loved fresh veggies and you will like them too. :)

You just need to try one to find out how good they are!"

Ok momma... I'll try this piece of asparagus...

but I am going to take it in the dining room instead of the kitchen to make it a special occasion like dinner.


*Mom giggling but trying to look serious*

"Ok Archie Barchie...

here let me turn on the fancy dining room lights for you while you enjoy your meal. ;) "

What a silly puggy!

He ate the whole plate of veggies and wanted them the second night too.

Looks like Angel Emmitt is whispering menu suggestions in his ear!


How FUN!

I love cooking for my Archie!

What are your favorite things to cook for your pack?

Please leave us a note and let us know!

We cannot wait to hear!


Archie & Melissa

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gladys with Her New Gourd!

Happy Thursday everyone!

I am so excited to introduce Gladys to you!

She was the winner of Archie's Gourd Giveaway!

Here she is enjoying her new fiber filled prize made with love! :)

Gladys is 12 years old and lives in PA with her mom, Linda.

She is a busy puggy helping her mom make beautiful Gladdy Paddy Pet Quilts for us all to enjoy!

Archie and I just ordered ours, and we are excited show it to you soon!

Linda has a faboulous etsy shop ~ LindyLou4U ~ and LindyLou Facebook Fan Page where she posts all of her new creations and news!

Please check it out and let her know you are our friends!

We are so happy that Gladys loves her new Gourd!

She likes to play and nap with it on her very own Gladdy Paddy!

She is ready to play with us!

Please leave her a comment and say hello!

I will pass the messages along to her!

I know she would love to meet you! :)


Melissa & Archie