Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Funnies ~ Archie Make Your Bed!

Hi everyone!
Happy Friday!
Guess what I did?
I finally destroyed my little green bed that was my favorite napping spot in the kitchen!
My momma patched it and patched until there was just nothing left to patch!

My little green bed is no more!

Oh what am I going to make every morning now?

I will have nothing comfy to nap on either!
Wait a minute!
I think I hear my momma in her sewing room running the sewing machine!
"Oh R-Cheeee, come on down to the kitchen for a minute.
I have a surprise for you!"

Oh look! 
It is a new bed!
She even sewed a new patch on it for me.
It is a pug remnant from one of her pug dolls!

There is only one thing wrong with it...
This bed looks too new!

Fixed that problem!
My work is done for the day!
Wha are you up to this weekend?
Please leave me a note and let me know!
I cannot wait to hear all about it!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fiber Art Fun in a Box! Rug Hooking Happiness

Happy Thursday everyone!
I cannot wait to show you what I just got on Etsy!
It is a vintage rug hooking kit from the 1970's!
Melanie and I used to sit for hours and hours making these kits as kids!
We hung them on our walls in our room instead of posters!
I thought it would be FUN for Melanie and I to do again!
So I looked on Etsy for vintage kits that had never been opened and found two of these mushroom kits from different sellers!
As soon as I saw them, I bought them both and ran out to Michael's to get us 2 latch hooks!

They are like brand new!
Never opened!

Complete with all of the cut yarn and instructions!

I am having so much FUN watching the design pop to life!
Here is what my first row looks like!
I will keep you posted on our progress!
I am going to hang mine in R-Chee's Pug Cave!
We are so excited!
What projects are you working on?
Please leave us a note and let us know!
Melissa & R-Chee

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Paws For Charity Art Calendars ~ 2013

Hi everyone!
I am so excited to share the New Paws For Charity 2013 Calendars with you!
The book's creator and editor has made 6 gorgeous calendars for you to enjoy with all of the proceeds benefiting needy animals.
You can read all about the Paws for Charity Art Book Project here.
Fred's wonderful photo of our pug Archie is November 2013 in the Photography calendar!

... and my Love Pug Yarn Painting is February 2013 in the Art calendar. :)

Fred and I are so honored to be included in this magical book and calendar project that raise funds for needy animals.

Please visit the Paws for Charity blog if you would like learn more and buy your copies today.

Melissa & R-Chee

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Must See! Dogs in Art ~ The Film

Happy Tuesday everyone!
I am so excited to show you a Magical Morphing Film of Dog Art throughout the ages created by our friend Moira McLaughlin of Dog Art Today.
I am honored beyond words to have my pug collage included in the film at time frame 1:42 into the 3:07 minute movie.

This image is also available in my etsy shop for you to enjoy as both signed note cards and prints.

The movie was created in 2008 and in 2012 it was included in "Strathmore Unleashed!" multi-media dog art exhibition at the fine arts and cultural center in Bethesda, Maryland. 

And this month the video graces the front page of the American Kennel Club's "Family Dog Magazine" digital edition.

You can learn more about the Film and all of the artists here...

and you can view and share it from YouTube anytime...

Moira inspires me and Archie everyday!

She is a fabulous writer, artist, and blogger that shows us everyday our powerful connection to the canine heart, mind and soul.

Please visit her blog and facebook pages and say hello!
She and her dog, Tyler, would love to meet you!
Melissa & R-Chee

Monday, September 24, 2012

Create Your Own Collection ~ What Do Colors Say to You?

Happy Monday everyone!
As October quickly approaches I have been thinking of FUN new collections to create for my Dog Sweater Vests.
As I was thinking of ideas, I realized that all of the sweater vests I have created can be thought of in new ways just by asking yourself... what do these colors remind me of?
For example, I pulled these sweaters from custom requests and other collections to create The Star Wars Collection just by looking at them without their existing "names" from other collections they may have been in. :) 
Color continues to show me that it is an amazing and creative launching pad into everything that is out there for us to create & enjoy!
The Force is with you!
Create Your Own Collection!
What Does Color Say to You?
From past dog sweater vests, I can see a sea of possiblilites!
Brown Body / Lime Green bobbles / Lime Green Collar

Brown Body / Almond bobbles / Black Collar

 Mustard Body / Grey bobbles / Grey Collar
Royal Blue Body / Grey bobbles / White Collar
Darth Vader
Black Body / Grey bobbles / White Collar

What are your favorite colors and what wonderful things do they remind you of?
I am thrilled to make you any color combination that you choose!
Please let me know if you would like me to make you a custom Woofie Warmer, Barkclava Dog Hat or Sweater Vest.
You can make up your own color combos or...
You can see all the possibilities anytime in :
The Sweater Vest Gallery at
The Woofie Warmer Gallery at
The Barkclava Gallery at
I am happy to make any color combos you would like and set up a special listing for you in my Etsy Shop.
Melissa & R-Chee

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Funnies ~ The Art of Napping 101

Happy Friday everyone!
It is me...
Today is the 1st day of Fall!
It is my favorite season filled with cool breezes, colorful leaves, yarn, warm clothes and blankets!

To celebrate I am going to demonstrate how to nap on your favorite blankie.
My favorite blankie is my Gladdy Tatty Pet Quilt made by our friends, Linda and Gladys at LindyLou4U on Etsy!
The first thing you have to do to get ready for your nap is to relax and think about how comfy your blankie is to snuggle with.

See... It is working!
The second thing you have to do is line up your body next to your blankie, but far enough from hard objects so that when you collapse, you do not hit your head!
(I have done this before and then you have to start at step 1 again! :)

Ta Da!
That is demonstration of how to take the perfect nap!
How will you welcome Fall this weekend in your corner of the world?
Please leave me a note and let me know!
I cannot wait to hear all about it!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sister Craft Day ~ Ceramic Wings & Cheer!

Happy Thursday everyone!
Melanie and I have been having so much FUN meeting at the local Color Me Mine Ceramic Studio in Boulder and painting pottery together.
After making our dog bowls, we thought it would be neat to make these two pieces next.
I made a blue butterfly to hang on the wall and Melly made a tea cup!

I love how the glaze magically changes after it is fired in the kiln!
We are excited to go back for our next craft day!
It is so relaxing sitting and spending a couple of hours painting with Melanie.
We sit at the table right by the big front window and look out onto Pearl Street while paint. :)
I will take pictures for you of the next masterpieces we create!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Art Fair Finds ~ New Art From Breckenridge, CO

Hi Everyone!
I am so excited to show you what I found at the art fair in Breckenridge from Labor day weekend!
I got the wonderful ceramic pug face shown above and a bead embedded bowl that I glued a saw tooth hanger on and hung on the wall right next to it!

I think the colors and textures of each of them are so interesting together!

Beside the beaded bowl, I also got two planters from my friend, David Jessup, The Green Collar Guy.

I am always so excited to get new pieces from him every year.

Here are the ones I got last year to hold my Crocheted Sea Formations.

The first one is actually a planter, but I am using it as a spice rack of sorts. :)

The second one is a gift for Melanie!
It has little red and green plastic beads incorporated into the design.

It is the perfect choice since those were our favorite kinds of beads to craft with together at summer camp when we were kids.

We used to collect them so this planter was so FUN to find!

What art fairs did you get to go to this Summer?
Please write us a note and let us know!
We cannot wait to hear what you found!
Melissa & Archie