Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Funnies ~ Whittling Away the Day

Happy Friday Everyone!

It is me...

What a beautiful sunny day we are having in my backyard!

I am making a toothpick by whittling this piece of wood I found today while my mom works on some new drawings for us to enjoy. :)

* I wonder how many chomps it takes to get to the end of this stick? *

I guess I had better learn how to count to find out the answer!

I the meantime, I think I will just keep on chomping!

This is FUN!

What FUN things are you up to today?

Please leave me a note and let me know!

I cannot wait to hear all about it!


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Warm Hearted Wednesday!

Happy Warm Hearted Wednesday everyone!

R-Chee & I have been having FUN playing in the snow this week and it looks like friends around the country are too in their Dog Sweater Vests, Barkclava Hats and Woofie Warmer Neck Warmers too!

They were so sweet to come and play with us and send us their photos for us to enjoy with you!

Archie is warm and toasty in his Jelly Bean Sweater Vest today and Beluha above loves her Sock Monkey Barkclava and dog sweater set above.

She lives in Ohio with her wonderful mom Meloni M.!

Wilma and Brigitte in CT are playing in the snow today too!

As soon as Wilma came in from building snow forts with her sister she started helping her mom Kathy W., make them all some dinner!


Barbie and Dixie are in their PB & J sweater vests today helping their mom Leslie make some sandwiches for lunch.

One has extra jam on it and the other extra peanut butter...just the way they like them!

and Cleo is in her new Tangerine Dream sweater vest dreaming about tropical flavors and warm ocean breezes with her mom Mary!

...and here is Comrade in his Baby Bear sweater vest.

He is modeling it at the vet for his annual check up today while showing him his biggest smile!

and Tweedles and Jaxzyn both decided to wear yellow today to remind us all of sunny warm days!

Tweedles lives in OR and Jaxzyn lives in IL!

R-Chee & I love all of you and love making your Sweater Vests for you!

I have these and other sweater vests available as Ready to Ship Sweater Vests in my Etsy Shop today!

If they are sold out or you do not find the colors and sizes you would like, No Problem!

I am thrilled to make you any color combination that you choose!

Please let me know if you would like me to make you a custom Woofie Warmer, Barkclava Dog Hat or Sweater Vest.

You can make up your own color combos or...

You can see all the possibilities anytime in :

The Sweater Vest Gallery at

The Woofie Warmer Gallery at


The Barkclava Gallery at

I am happy to make any color combos you would like and now also make Black or Fawn Pugs,  Smile, Monogram, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Love & Teddy Bear Badges in my Etsy Shop that you can add to any Sweater Vest, Hat or Neck Warmer!

How Fun!


Melissa & R-Chee

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Brave Heart ~ Our "Here HO" on a Snowy Day!

Happy Monday everyone!

Look who popped in to say "Hello" to all of us on our snowy weekend!

Meet Leo the Lion
~ our Hero ~ "Here HO"! :)

While a foot of snow falls outside and you are cooped up inside... 

What can you do for FUN?

Just pull out an advertising postcard out of the junk mail recycle pile, some gesso, crayola watercolor paints and some crayons!

Then create a background to play on by...

First applying a coat of gesso to your postcard for texture, 
then a light watercolor wash comes next to make blobs to find shapes to trace that look like a something to you,
and then color it in with crayons, markers or your favorite medium of choice!

You cannot do it wrong!

Remember... we are playing and having FUN!

When making mine, I left some of the postcard color and letters peek through to add to the design to play with and found letters to trace that said "HERO" to me in the postcard's original message of "Here's How". :)

To finish the message I heard him say, I pulled out some magazines and cut out letters and heart shapes to glue on "Brave Heart" as a collage.


A snowy day becomes an unplanned playday!

What a good reminder that even when your plans are changed for you ... you can always choose to have FUN!

Melissa & R-Chee

Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Funnies ~ R-Chee the Snow Plow!

Hi Everyone!
Happy Friday!

Guess what happened last night?

It snowed!

...and snowed and snowed until my backyard was blanketed it the stuff!

My job today is to plow paths in the snow so I can get around to all of my favorite places!

Momma fed me my Wheaties, Cheerios and my spinach to give me extra energy and gas (tee hee) to work with!

My engines are fired up!

The first thing I need to do is make snow piles to clear the way and then I think my friend the sun will help to melt it some more this afternoon.


This late Winter, early Spring snow season makes some heavy snow around here!

Where are the light fluffy flakes that flew earlier in the season?

I am getting tired and well... stuck in this cement!

I cannot feel my feet!


Please come pick me up to air lift me out of this mess I got myself into!

I'm pooped and ready for a snack and a nap!


I think we are supposed to get at least 6" more tomorrow!

I think I will let dad clear the next path for me to go out into!

What are you up to this weekend?

Please leave me a note and let me know!

I cannot wait to hear all about it!

(The pooped out snow plow)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

R-Chee... Let's have some Orange Chocolate Cake with Extra Fiber!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I had so much FUN making this little Orange Chocolate Cake from my favorite book...

The ingredients are soft, calorie free and full of fiber! :)

 R-Chee... Oh R-Chee...

Come and see what little treat I have made for you today!

Here I am momma!

You know all you have to do is look down!

I am always conveniently at your feet! :)

What yummy treat do you have for me today?

Close your eyes and stick out your tongue R-Chee and I will give you a little taste. :)


Not funny momma!

I am putting my paw down... no more fiber!

Can I please have a Cheerio instead?

Wait wait...

On second thought, that might have fiber in it...


Please make that a Rice Krispie... and make it snappy, crackly and poppy!

Tee Hee! 
I made a Funny! :)

R-Chee & Melissa

Monday, February 16, 2015

Introducing ~ "The Bear Bummlies" ~ A NEW Line of Toys for all of your 2 and 4 Footed Kiddos!

Guess what I got for Valentine's Day?

My mom just made me her brand Newest FUN creation!

Introducing her new line of  Lovable stuffies...

"The Bear Bummlies"!

Each one is handmade with LOVE!

Each Bear Bummlie says I LOVE YOU from both the front and the back!

Each one is lovingly handmade by me with the help of my skilled assistant... R-Chee!

Bear Bummlies make the perfect buddy for any of your 2 or 4 footed kids!

Each one is special and one of a kind just like your little ones!

Say I LOVE YOU today with a Bear Bummlie!

Now available in my Etsy Shop!

Come and see each one!

They cannot wait to meet you!

Melissa and R-Chee

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day! xoxoxo

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

We LOVE you with all of our hearts!

We are so lucky to have all of you!

Thank you for always playing with us!

R-Chee, Jimmie & Melissa