Friday, July 30, 2010

You are Invited...

Please meet us right here
on Sunday August 1st
to celebrate Emmitt's 14th birthday together!
Unlimited Mini Meatloaves for everyone!

Melissa & Emmitt

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Grub Giveaway Winner - Week 1

Hi everyone!

We are so excited to announce the first week's winner of Emmitt's Grub Giveaway!

We plugged in the numbers at and the winner is... Those Elgin Pugs!

Anakin, Josie and Izzy, please just let me know which grub you would like and we will send him off in a flash!

Please do not worry if your name was not pulled this week!
We still have 3 more grubs to give away over the next 3 weeks.

Please tune in next Tuesday, August 3rd for the next giveaway post!

Thank you for playing with us!

Have a super day!

m & e

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yarn Painting

Happy Wednesday everyone!
I have the most fun art project to share with you!
It is fun, simple to do and very relaxing!
You do not need to know how to draw, paint, crochet or knit!

It is called yarn painting and I found the inspiration for my project on the Lion Brand Blog last week!

A light bulb went off in my head when I saw this post and actually got started on my pug that afternoon!
I often feel like I am painting with yarn when I make my dog sweater vests and now I actually would be!
It is also the perfect way to use up your stash of small yarn balls that I never know what to do with!

The first thing I did was to cut out a print of one of my pug paintings and glue it onto a 1/2 thick hemlock wood board.

You can use any image you like including blown up photographs.

Then I went into my yarn stash and found puggy colors.
I and started filling in small sections of the print with a layer of elmer's gel glue, a strip of yarn, trimmed the end with sharp scissors and pushed it down carefully and tight up against the previous row with a bone folder.
It is a wonderfully mediative process that you can do as slow or as fast as you feel happy working.

You work in small sections filling in blocks of color.

I took several days to complete my piece.

When I was all done with the pug, I went into Fred's train supplies and pulled out a sheet of grass mat paper that is fuzzy like grass to create his landscapes!
I think it created the perfect rich background that still let the texture of the yarn pop out!

I am totally addicted!
I will show you more completed yarn paintings soon!
Please let me know if you create one too.
I would love to see it!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Emmitt's Grub Giveaway!

Hi everyone!
It is me...

I thought it would be fun to have a fun giveaway for the next few weeks of late Summer!

I asked my mom to help me, and although it is not what I thought I was asking for... I am very pleased with the results.

See... I asked my mom if I could giveaway some "homemade grub" on the blog thinking it would be what pugs like best... Food!

My momma said "absoultely" and that she would get right on it, and I guess she interpreted "homemade grub" into her favorite thing... colorful crocheted grubs!

Oh My!

When she presented these to me this morning with a big grin, I did not have the heart to tell her I meant foodables!

She meant well anyways!

So, I am offering a grub of your choice to one winner each week! :)

Today is the first of 4 posts that I will host.

All you have to do is leave me a comment and I will pick a name with on Thursday July 29th and announce it right here on the blog.

Easy Smeasy!

Have a super day everyone!

(over and out)

Monday, July 26, 2010

2011 Pug & Dog Art Calendars!

Hi everyone!

Emmitt and I are so excited to announce that our 2011 Pug Art and Dog Art Calendars are now available!

Each Calendar Features:
12 Months (Jan. - Dec. 2011)
11 x 17 (Open)
Spiral bound
Each month has a two page spread: Image above with full grid of days below.
(Day grid is not shown.)
Shows all U.S. Holidays
Full Color
Featuring 12 of my original pug or dog paintings in each calendar.

We just love that you can enjoy them all year long and even frame the images as prints when the year is done!

Here are some fabulous photos of Beth M.'s baby nursery!
What a creative way to enjoy your calendar for years to come!
12 full color prints for only $19 ~ Wow!
Thank you Beth for sharing your photos with us!
Emmitt and I always smile from ear to ear whenever we receive emails and photos from all of you!
Have a super day!
m & e

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Christmas in July Gift Exchange!

Happy Christmas in July everyone!

Emmitt and I had so much fun in Purs n' Snorts Christmas in July gift exchange.

Our new friends. Sharon and her 4 furkids, got us these wonderful gifts!

Emmitt cannot wait to play with all of his new toys after he eats the yummy treats!
Thank you so much Sharon! We just love everything!
And a big thank you to Liss at Purs n' Snorts for hosting the fun event again this year!
m & e

Friday, July 23, 2010

The MerPug Doll

Happy Friday everyone!
I am so excited to show you my latest doll from Karen Cruz in Guam!
It is a MerPug and her baby!

Look how fabulous the beading and hand painted colors are!

Karen makes these all by hand from her original patterns.
She has a new blog, Paddywak Pugs, to show us her process and share her life with us!
Please stop by and say hello!
I know she would love to meet and hear from you!

I cannot wait to for her newest collection to be posted in her ebay store so I can get another one!

I think the MerPugs and the Seahorse Pug look so cute together on my sofa!
Joy! Joy! Joy!

What fun things do you have planned this weekend?
Please leave us a comment and let us know! We cannot wait to hear all about it!
m & e

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Treasury Thursday ~ Frenchie Collage

Hi everyone!

Happy Thursday!
Emmitt and I were so honored and thrilled to have our new Frenchie Collage featured in 2 Treasuries on Etsy this month!
It is so fun to see them in both collections!

The Frenchie Collage is available in my Etsy Shop as both a set of note cards and as a signed print.

I love making collages from colorful papers. It is so fun to paint with texture and patterns!
The other thing that I think is so fun is shopping for new school supplies in all of the stores! It is that time of year again and Fred knows he will lose me in the school aisles of Target, Jo-Anns, Kohls or any of the organizing stores!
I know he must be thinking, how many colorful plastic containers, scissors, glue and pencils can one person need?
The answer is 1 million, and I am well on my way! Heeee! :)
m & e

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Art from Alaska!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Melanie and I had so much fun shopping in Alaska.

Each town featured lots of little art galleries that support local artists.
The piece above is a tiny totem pole to remind me of the gorgeous ones we saw at every port.

This little eskimo is a needle book made of felt.

I found a little pug button and sewed it to her. Isn't it cute?

Melanie and I each got one of these bear ornaments.
The original image was created from a linoleum carving.

I was thrilled to find this cupcake pin cushion made from a recycled sweater in one of the many quilt shops.

I also found this glass button in the same quilt shop to remember the amazing fireweed flowers growing everywhere!

My favorite find was this art doll!

Look at the detail in her wooden face!

...and of course I had to get something to remember the otters!
They were like pugs in water!
The older otters' little faces even turn grey like my Emmitt.
These creatures just make me smile!

I know Melanie and I will go back to Alaska one day.
It is a magical place, and we just scratched the surface of things to do and see!
Where is your favorite place to visit?
Please leave me a note and let me know. I cannot wait to hear all about it!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mother Bear Sighting in South Africa!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Emmitt and I are so excited!

One of our bears that we made in 2009 was just spotted in the arms of a child living in South Africa!

It is the little yellow bear in the center of the photo with the blue pom pom collar!

Emmitt and I are so excited to see him again living in his new forever home!

We are sure the little bear has taught all the children how to sing and dance!

We are so happy that we are singing and dancing over here too!

oh good... Emmitt has cha cha'd himself into the other room.

Now I can share some special news with you!

Shhhh ~ Don't tell Emmitt...
I just got word from a new pack of Mother Bears that they are on the way to help celebrate Emmitt's birthday!

He will be 14 on Sunday, August 1st, and they are throwing him a Surprise Party on the blog!
Please save the date and join us for all of the festivities!

Heeee! Mums the word in front of you know who! :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Dog Breed Collages!


Did you hear the news?

No... Please tell me!


There are now 4 new collages available in the Etsy Shop!

Besides the 6 pug collages there are now 4 more breeds to enjoy both as signed prints and note cards!

Meet the new...

The new Bulldog even made it into a Treasury!

How fun!

What a nice welcome to the neigborhood!

Which one is your favorite?

We would love to hear your opinion!

Happy Monday everyone!

Have a super day!


m & e