Friday, February 27, 2009

Meet My Friend Ingrid!

Happy Friday everyone! Emmitt here!

I have a very special friend to introduce to you. Her name is Ingrid, and she is my canine massage therapist.

She has become a very special part of our family.

I love her and her weekly visits. She takes all of the tension out of my body.

and look at the great bone I get every week to keep me occupied while I get my massage.

Ingrid laughs alot at my silly puggy antics. I am her first pug client and I know she has fallen in love with me.

Here I am telling Ingrid and Mom what a good boy I am and that I now deserve a reward from the cookie cabinet!

Mom and I both love Ingrid. She has taught mom how to work on my neck, shoulders and hips during the days Ingrid is not there to help relieve any stiffness I may feel.

We appreciate Ingrid so much that mom wanted to make her something, so she surpised Ingrid with this special stamp she carved of Ingrid with her two dogs, Raven and Ariel.

and gave it to her in this little red box. :)

It is so wonderful to meet so many friends that make this journey a fun and exciting place to be!
Thank you for coming a visiting us today! We appreciate you! Have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Blind Doodle is born...

Today, I want to show you today how I make my "blind" doodles.

They are so fun and easy to make. In just a few minutes, you can create something that makes you smile while you are making it and everytime you look at it. :)

  1. Place your pencil on your paper and close your eyes.

  2. Imagine something in your mind (I usually choose pugs or corgis :))

  3. With your eyes closed start moving your pencil to create what you see in your mind but do not lift your pencil from the paper or open your eyes.

  4. Relax, have fun and open your eyes.

Voila! Your little blind drawing is done!

Now grab your favorite colored pencils and color it in. I use Inktense watercolor pencils and then add a little water with my brush to make it into a little painting.

I made these last week on the ship...

"Pug Love"

"Pug Party"

"Pug Patience"

"Corgi Doodle"

They are so much fun to make and only take a few minutes.

Don't give up if you do not immediately appreciate what you see. :)

I often draw 10 or 20 before I see something puggy. I often just color them in for the fun of it to see how they change. I am always pleasantly surprised. :)

Please let me know what you create! I would love to see!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Customer Photo Gallery...

I just love it when people send me photos of them enjoying their new Pug Notes art!

It really makes my heart soar when I receive them! It is so fun to add them to the Customer Photo Gallery.

Here is Tweedles enjoying her new note cards. Her moms Georgie and Paulette set them all out for her to enjoy!

"Tweedles was so excited to see the little faces of those pugs (the inspiration coming from Emmitt of course.) She was sure little pugs were in the house!"

and here is a baby nursey designed by new mom to be Lyn M. from Overland Park, KS.
"Hi Melissa!
Well, we FINALLY got our nursery finished with our pug prints up (with two weeks maybe to spare!) I thought you'd like to see how the room turned out! Thank you again. They are a perfect addition to our nursery!"

Her puggies are so excited for their new sibling to arrive!

Emmitt and I are so excited for them! :)

Please feel free to email us pictures of your pugs or Pug Notes art anytime and we will put them in the Meet the Pugs section of our Newsletter or in the Customer Photo Gallery as soon as we get them!
Thank you for stopping by today! You all make this world a very fun place to be!
Melissa and Emmitt

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Handmade Sweater Bears!

Look at these adorable faces!

Melanie's new sweater bears are just flying out of her Etsy Shop!
The are made from upcycled wool, lambswool, and cashmere sweaters.
She even has a new listing for only $10 you can send her one of your old sweaters that you no longer wear and she will make it into a custom keepsake bear for you!
You can see in their expressions how much fun Melanie has creating each one! I want them all!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Doodle Design Week 3

Hi everyone! Here is my homework for week 3 of my doodle design class with Susan Robin Sorrell.
I had so much fun with this design. I converted my new carved stamp into a design that I hand embroidered onto a piece of wool felt. I then doodled any words that came to mind which turned out to be Pug Love - Emmitt and embroidered them around the image.
I also used the satin stitch to fill in the ears, eyes and tongue this week and finished it off with a fun quilt binding that I bought on Etsy in a store call Fabric Goodies.

Here is the back. :)

and here is the finished piece hanging in my office.

I am really enjoying this class and all the little wall hangings I am making each week. I love the intuitive nature of working with doodles and that they all turn out to be pugs for me. :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Emmitt's Gift!

Hi Everyone! Emmitt here!
Look what my mom brought me back from Mexico!
A sombrero!

I think I look very handsome! What do you think?

Mom says she saw this funny carved doggie named "Poncho" on Cabo San Lucas days after she bought my hat in Mazatlan. She and auntie Melanie could not believe their eyes! Nobody around them knew why they were laughing so hard when they saw him!

When I am not wearing my hat, I share it with my stuffie pug. I think I will name him Poncho!
Life is Art... Art is Life!

Oh! and here are the 3 mother bear bears my mom is making. She started the red and blue ones before she left and did the green on on the ship.
They are not done yet, but will be soon. I am sure she will take lots of pictures of me with them when they are done.
She said this time, I get to pick one for me! What color should I choose? Please leave a comment and let me know. I am so confused!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Life at Sea

The days at sea were so much fun!

We spent the days relaxing, walking around the ship decks, working out and I taught Melanie how to crochet!

Here she is working on her very first bear for the Mother Bear Project. :)

The ship was beautiful! Here is the ship's atrium.

The days and nights were both beautiful.

We went to the gym and walked the decks everyday.

There was every type of food available 24/7!

We had a fabulous time!
Tomorrow I will show you the gift we got for Emmitt!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cabo San Lucas

We had a fun day in Cabo San Lucas. We took a small tender boat to shore from our ship and walked around the town.
It was a beautiful day and the views were just amazing. We only had a few hours at this port as it was time to sail home double time to Los Angeles.
Tomorrow I will show you some pictures of life on board the ship on the days we had at sea.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We took a guided tour of Mazatlan to see some of the countryside and experience the rich Mexican culture and history.

Above you will see the Papantla Flyers that were just amazing to see. I took a short video for you of the show that we saw in a small outdoor theater.

Our tour also took us to see the colonial villages where we saw many crafts being made such as...


Handmade Tiles:

Adobe Bricks:


And the local history and churches:

The day was just amazing and later that night we sailed to Cabos San Lucas which I will show you tomorrow!