Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pug Blind Drawings: The Thinker and The Announcer

The Thinker

The Announcer

Hi everyone! I missed you while I was on vacation! I cannot wait to come by your blogs and see what you have been up to.

Melanie and I had a wonderful trip and I will tell you all about it this week.

I am busy organizing pictures and getting caught up, but I wanted to share two of my latest blind drawings with you... The Thinker and The Announcer.

I love how when I pick up my pencil and open my eyes they are just there and then I bring them to life with a little bit of color (with my eyes open).

I had so much fun on the ship creating several new sets of these funny characters.

They each have their own personality or activity so I have started to title them. :)

I made them into a card set in my Etsy Shop to add to the collection started by The Swimmer and The Dancer. :)

I am excited to get caught up with all of you! Please tell me something fun you did last week while I was away. I cannot wait to hear!


Melissa & Emmitt


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Welkhome Bakhk!

I was BIS Judge at MANGO Minster 2009!

I had a blast!

We khan't wait to hear all about your fun times too!


Unknown said...

The Announcer's a hoot! Can't help but bring a smile to the viewer's face. Missed you and your sunny disposition around the web Melissa!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Glad woo are back. We didn't do anything terribly exciting except get a few walkies in here and there. The drawings are adorable.

Woos, the OP Pack

Laura said...

Welcome back - can't wait to hear about and see pics from your cruise!

Allison Walton said...

Welcome back! We've all been busy with Mango-Minster, which Khyra has been telling woo about. Plus, Gus and I had a photo shoot! Mommee hasn't written about it yet, so you're the first to know!

Can't wait to hear about yur trip!
Gus and Waldo

Puglette said...

so glad to hear you had a fun trip! i love your think that's just a doodle with your eyes closed! you are so clever!

Sunny said...

Can't wait to hear about your trip.
I had a fun Pug Valentine's date with my Mr. Cash, that was fun! You can see him looking dapper on my blog :)

Too Cute Pugs said...

What adorable drawings!

I'm glad you're back safe and sound and that you have a great trip. I look forward to hearing more!


Ruth Welter said...

I think these are adorable Melissa!

Glad you had a great time with your sister...I look forward to seeing the photos on your blog.


Manon said...

Welcome home Melissa! We missed you! Love the drawings!!

Pugsley and Lola said...

Hi Melissa-

We have missed reading your blog, but we are glad to hear that you had a fun time:)

Mom and I have had a fun week writing my blog. We are finally getting the hang of it!! We sure to check it out:)

We also checked out Your Pug art is Pugtastic!!!! Mom needs to do some shopping:)

Pugsley & Heather

artpaw said...

welcome home! Great sketches.

The Devil Dog said...

We love the new pieces. They are great. We are so glad you are back. We missed you. PlusOne had his cello recital last Sunday. It is posted. And mom posted her favorite photos on Thursday. You will enjoy them both, I think.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

What special little characters! Too cute. I think they should be able to talk! My mommie can relate the thinker, and I can relate to the announcer- since I am on the vocal side! So many surprises stored up inside you- ready to come out- just like spring!
So glad you and Melanie had a good time. Welcome home

Tara's Art Camp said...

Hi M.,
Glad you are back.
I re-did my blog to the new version, whew,,,, I finally did it!!!
btw,,, is your text smaller, I'm having a difficult time seeing it. ?

I'm off to check out those cute note cards!

Sharon P Pope said...

These are adorable!

I draw with my eyes closed too, then pull out a meaningful image and color it. It is amazing what shows up when you're not looking. :)

Rosie said...

Hi - Glad to hear you had an excellent trip - my pawrents are going to Cancun in April. Your pictures got the mommy excited for her trip - I am not that excited since I will be staying with the grampawma :)
Your drawings are pawsome!!

Peng Peng said...

i love these blind drawings.. it taps into the subconscious mind. thanks for sharing these!

Unknown said...

LOL! ThinkyPug and BarkyPug are the greatest... we sure did miss you and I bet Emmy had a lot to say when you got home...