Friday, November 30, 2007

Altered Book Class 101

Our last official art class of the year began yesterday. My sister, Melanie, my friend Briggs and I are taking a Altered Book Class in Boulder taught by Bobbie Benson.

The next 3 Thursday afternoons will be happily spent learning how to alter old books to give them a new life and meaning to each of us.

It is similar to the mixed media journaling class I took in Feb. of this year, but we get to use elements of the page in front of us to add to our art instead of creating from a blank journal.

The class has 5 students and we found ourselves, laughing, painting, weaving paper into our books and drinking tea together like old friends in just a few moments of meeting each other.

Another fun connection was revealed when I looked over at Bobbie's wonderful collection of art and saw 2 small raku pots that looked just like sculptures Briggs and I purchased last year at a local art show. I clearly remember, we were the first 2 people who entered the show and immediately were drawn to the small pots displayed in front of us. I purchased 2 dog renderings and gave one to Melanie. Briggs bought 2 cats. We felt so lucky to have gotten there first. When I pointed out the pots in class yesterday, Bobbie said they were her creations. Briggs and I just lit up and said We LOVE and own Your ART!

Bobbie also remebered thinking how great it was to sell out half of her inventory in the show in just 2 minutes. :)

I am always amazed at the wonderful surprises life shows us. We make connections to people everyday that we might not even realize. It is wonderful that I found Bobbie's class and that she is teaching us the wonderful art of altering books, and that we already had a connection to her art.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dog Art Today ... made my day!

I am truly honored to be featured on one of my favorite blogs in the world, Dog Art Today.

I check it everyday to read Moira's wonderful insights on dog art from all over the world, her favorite finds and her own amazing art. Please check out her website.

Here is a direct link to her generous post about my art...

Thank you Moira!

Monday, November 26, 2007

New Pug Collage #3 and a new friend!

I just finished a new paper collage and wanted to share him. It was great fun to do and I am very happy with the completed piece.
Collage #3 is now available as a note card set in my Etsy Shop.

I also had the pleasure of meeting my friend, Linda O'Neill's new family member, Maisie. She is really the most beautiful, sweet and playful dog I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She welcomed us into her new home with big soulful eyes and kisses. I was so impressed as she has been through alot in her young life. What a sweet soul. I am so happy for Linda and James. I think it is amazing how our animals find us. You can read more about her journey home to Linda and James on Linda's Blog. Emmitt cannot wait to meet her.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Pug Screensaver!

Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! We had a great time cooking, eating, playing with the pug and watching The I Love Lucy marathon on TVLand.
I even started to crochet another pug finger puppet.

While surfing my yahoo! pug groups yesterday, I found a fantastic link to a free pug screensaver. I usually do not like screensavers, but this one is different! I downloaded it immediately and had to share it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A New Pug Collage

I love making these new paper collages!

It is so much fun! They just come to life as I glue the pieces into place.

When I choose the papers, I am looking at colors, textures and patterns but to be honest, I have no idea what it will look like as a final product. I find the whole process so exciting and very similar to printmaking. I never know how a plate is going to print until I pull it. It is a rush everytime!

I paired this pug with my first collage to create a special note card set on etsy.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Craft Day with Melanie

Melanie and I had so much fun this weekend. We had a craft day and made teddy bears and potato prints.

Mel made 2 velvet bears and I made 2, two sided bears each with a different color fur and face.

We had a ton of fabric, buttons, fabric yo yos and ribbons to choose from.

Emmitt even shared in the fun. He brought us every toy out of his toy box!

Then I showed Mel how to make prints with a few red potatoes, a knife and some cheapy watercolor paints. We cut the potatoes in half, gouged out some shapes, painted them with watercolors and stamped away.

I think they will work as fun embellishments for our altered book workshop that is coming up next week.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Love to Collect Pug Art...

The great thing about knowing someone who loves pugs is that their family and friends always know a pug item will be a great gift! Here are some new things I have recently added to my collection...

Pug Planter from In the company of Dogs

Wooden Pug Toy from etsy and Pillow from Pillows Pillows Pillows

Wool Applique Pug Pillows from Handmade by Boni

Laptop skin by

Pug Purse from Signals

Paper Mache Pugs from Thailand Artist, Pim

Friday, November 16, 2007

Pug Collage

Happy Friday!

For me, the great thing about art is that it builds on itself. Techniques you learn in one arena carry over into what you already know, and the whole experience becomes a richer journey.

Last week, I created a plate for my collagraph class. It was a pug collaged with different papers soley chosen for their textures, not colors. It was like I was painting in 3-d instead of color so that when it printed, I would get the values of black, grey and white to make the effects I wanted.

I like the plate so much that when I was done, I hated to ink it up. So I decided to do it again, with a different pug and to collage with texture and color in mind this time.

I had the best time and love the results. I will be creating more of these paper paintings!

My new pug collage is available in print as note cards in my etsy shop.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Connecting through Crochet

I love to crochet. It is facinating to mold a long string of yarn into a fabric sculpture. I have created many pug dolls over the years and shared them on my blog, website and etsy store.

Creating pug art and sharing it with the world brings me joy because I get so much back in return.

Look at this wonderful email I just received from a Pug Notes customer, Gretchen T. and her pug Lola. She absolutely made my week! Thank you Gretchen!

Hi Melissa,
I was inspired by your crocheted Pug so I got out my yarn and crochet hook to make one of my own. Attached is my finished project sitting next to my lovely Lola, also an inspiration to me.
Love all your creations!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pug Collagraph Prints with Chine-Colle

Last night was my last Collagraph printmaking class. I had so much fun printing my new plate I showed you last week. I ran a few in a relief process and then started adding bits of cut out paper into the process which is called Chine-Colle. I love the results and will definitely do more of these in the future. Thank you to my friend and teacher Theresa Haberkorn for teaching this wonderful class in her studio. Here are some pictures of the process and prints.