Friday, November 30, 2007

Altered Book Class 101

Our last official art class of the year began yesterday. My sister, Melanie, my friend Briggs and I are taking a Altered Book Class in Boulder taught by Bobbie Benson.

The next 3 Thursday afternoons will be happily spent learning how to alter old books to give them a new life and meaning to each of us.

It is similar to the mixed media journaling class I took in Feb. of this year, but we get to use elements of the page in front of us to add to our art instead of creating from a blank journal.

The class has 5 students and we found ourselves, laughing, painting, weaving paper into our books and drinking tea together like old friends in just a few moments of meeting each other.

Another fun connection was revealed when I looked over at Bobbie's wonderful collection of art and saw 2 small raku pots that looked just like sculptures Briggs and I purchased last year at a local art show. I clearly remember, we were the first 2 people who entered the show and immediately were drawn to the small pots displayed in front of us. I purchased 2 dog renderings and gave one to Melanie. Briggs bought 2 cats. We felt so lucky to have gotten there first. When I pointed out the pots in class yesterday, Bobbie said they were her creations. Briggs and I just lit up and said We LOVE and own Your ART!

Bobbie also remebered thinking how great it was to sell out half of her inventory in the show in just 2 minutes. :)

I am always amazed at the wonderful surprises life shows us. We make connections to people everyday that we might not even realize. It is wonderful that I found Bobbie's class and that she is teaching us the wonderful art of altering books, and that we already had a connection to her art.


LEEZY said...

I love altered books - and working on them. Great post Melissa this all looks awesome - by the way you have been tagged! Now it's time to share your five things with the world!!!!

The Devil Dog said...

Hi Melissa. I love the little pot. It is gorgeous. Glad you are having fun at your art class. You should check out my mother's blog. She is an artist, and has been doing art for over 20 years. Her link is on my blog. It is the Studio Jeanne link under the interesting links. Also, my brother Mark is a photographer. His link is there too - Mark's photography.
We are indeed blessed to have Lucky. I got her 4 months after my Bridget died. I was so sad and then we found Lucky. She has brought such joy to us all, and I know we have given her a better life than she would have has otherwise.

Roxy's mom