Saturday, February 26, 2011

I am Over the Rainbow ~ All is Well

Hi everyone!

It is me... Emmitt

Today is a very special day.

Today is a good day.

Today is the day I made my transition to Heaven.

My momma and dad love me more than anything in this world and in this ultimate show of love, they helped me to renew my spirit, my youth and my freedom.

All is well my dear friends.

All is as it should be.

Life is eternal.
Love is eternal.
Love is Art.
Art is Life!

My dear friend Tweedles recently wrote a poem about the Bravest Tree.
I feel like I am just like the that brave tree, and that I still and always will embody the love, life and spirit like I always have for all of us for all time that has been, and all time that will continue to be.

My mom and I will continue to love this amazing life and create and share our art.

She and dad will honor me one day soon with a new puppy that will run and play and make us all laugh while I gently float above, along side and upon his shoulders.

All is well my dear friends!

I love you all with all of my heart.

I am happy and free and all is truly well.



Sue said...

Dear Emmitt,
Although my Mom doesn't keep up with her blog anymore, we read your blog every day and we will miss you so much. I'm glad you are healthy again and I know you will watch over your Mom and Dad and help them through this difficult time. Know how very much you are loved by so very many.
and Sue
Roscoe's Roundup

Puglette said...

oh melissa, i am so sorry to hear about emmitt crossing the rainbow bridge. my heart breaks to think of you and fred and this difficult decision you made.

emmitt will be forever in your hearts and lives. thank you so much for sharing this adorable, sweet gentleman with us all. emmitt and you have had such an impact on me, your friendship is precious to me.

you are in my heart and prayers, please let me know if there is anything i can do for you.

tearful hugs, judy and dan

Molly the Airedale said...

We can hardly see to write through our tears. We will love you forever, Emmitt and we can never eat meatloaf again without thinking of you. Our hearts are breaking for Melissa and Fred. We are so very, very sorry.

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Unknown said...

I can't imagine how hard it is to let one go, my heart goes out to you.

Melanie, Moe, Ollie said...

Thank you Missy for sharing Emmitt and your heart everyday with me and the world. Your blog today is a special place for all your wonderful friends to reach out and give you a huge hug back. This is what life is truly about.

I'd also just like to thank each of you who visit through these blogs everyday and comment and share together through your doggies and art. I love reading your wonderful notes to each other.

We love you Emmitt! Thank you for the wonderful 14 1/2 years together and the lifetime of memories.

All is well :)

Melanie and Moe

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

We are so sad to hear about Emmitt - mom is all leaky :'(

Emmitt was such a loveable guy, even though we never got to meet him in pugson we felt like we knew him so well. Thank you for sharing all of his adventures with us.

We just know, up on the bridge, that Emmitt is sharing some Popeye's chicken and mini meatloaves with Stubby right now. They are free of their mortal coil and

Our hearts are breaking for you.

With all of our love

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

This is such a beautiful post and we are all crying here - Emmitt was such a sweet sweet fella and we know how loved he is and how he will be missed by his family (and blog family!)
Emmitt - thank you for sharing your life with us! We will miss you always!
Love Clover, Chewy and Jess xoxox

Punchbugpug said...

Melissa...our arms surround you with love...Emmitt was one cool little guy and TRULY had a wonderful life with you. Each little one changes our path in some way and Emmitt sure made a blazing trail for you! Peace, love and hugs to you dear friend.

Run free sweet Emmitt....

Punchy, Chloe, Zoey, Rosie, Marty and Kiki

Unknown said...

Oh Emmitt!!!!! You will always be not only brought joy to your amazing family...but you touched the hearts os all of us....

My heart is sad!!! But I know you gained your wings today......

Keep watch over your Mommy and Daddy!!!!


JJ Lynne said...


We will miss you with all of our hearts. I know that it is always hard and that you are surely happy where you are now, but I cannot help but to cry knowing that you are gone. I hope that you meet my old friends Brandy, Baby, and Mocha where you are now. They will be good friend to you, I promise!

We send all of our love and hugs your way. We went through the same thing 2 years ago and I know that it is never easy. You and Emmitt will both be in our hearts, always and forever.

big hugs from jess, jd, and ringo

Pugs and Kneedles said...

Fly free sweet Emmitt. Know that the tears we are shedding are because we will miss your physical presence, but we know that you will always be with us, tucked safely in our hearts and memories.

Melissa and Fred, I am so sorry for your loss. Emmitt was extraordinary and wonderful and I am grateful that you shared him with us. I am sending you huge hugs. You and Emmitt have touched so many lives, brought so many smiles -- what a wonderful legacy for sweet, handsome Em. Em's spirit will live forever.

Kimberly & the pugs and kneedles gang.

Mare said...

oh Melissa, my dear sweet friend,i send you and Emmitt all of my Love and support. You know the truth, that Love never dies. Still my heart breaks for you my dear...No matter how clearly you can see the end coming, it still comes as such a surprise...And i truly believe, the greatest tribute you can pay to the life of a wonderful dog, is to reach out and give a loving home to another of his brothers or sisters...My Love and Prayers Healing energy and tears are for you today..i love you Melissa...mare

Yours Truly said...

You will forever remain in our hearts.

Love, Marlene

Tracy C. said...

Zoe, Zack and I are sending lots of love to you from New Mexico. What a beautiful post and we are thinking of you with heavy hearts today. Zoe and Zack will get an extra hug and kiss today in your honor.

Wilma said...

Oh Melissa and Fred,
I am writing this through a flood of tears and a heavy heart. Even though as the years pass,we know the will come, it is just so difficult to say goodbye to our beloved friends. You have told us of Emmetts passing in such a loving and comforting way, thank you for sharing his bountiful spirit with us through this blog, and through your art.
My babies will wear their sweaters with pride and love, having been that much closer to you all.
We will surely offer our own tribute to Emmett, and light a special candle for him, but now I just offer my deepest sympathy for the loss of Emmett. His spirit will live on so strongly through all of us who he touched so deeply.

Hank said...

Melissa....the beautiful photo of you and Emmitt hugging says it all.

You loved each other, and thank you so much for sharing that love with all of us.

Whomever you choose to continue Emmitt's legacy is one truly lucky dog.

We love you. Please give Fred a BIG hug for us.

All our love -

Sarah, Hank and Molly

Unknown said...

We were just leaving for the pug love fun run and I will walk in your memory today, Sweet Emmitt. My heart is aching for your mom and dad and all the people in the world who love you, including me. Sending so many hugs, thoughts and prayers to Melissy.
Love always,
Aunt Nancy and the piggies

zenmasterlars said...

Oh my dear Melissa!!!

I am so sorry to hear that Emmitt went over the rainbow bridge :( Your post is wonderful and so representative of what a dear pug he was! His sweet face is on our fridge still---so every morning when I get the milk out for my cereal I see him and smile! Hugs to you both--- xoxoxo Lauren, Josh, Mitzu Pug, and Baby Matilda

The Florida Furkids said...

We are sitting here with leaky eyes. We are so sorry that our buddy Emmitt left for the Bridge. We will send healing purrs and prayers to you at this sad time.

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Leah said...

Melissa, I am so,so sorry--my heart is sad for you. Emmitt was amazing and I am so thankful you shared him with us. I'll give Daisy and Oscar an extra kiss in his memory.

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness, we are so devastated by this news this morning. The tears just won't stop.

Thank you for sharing Emmitt with us. He has always been a ray of sunshine and even now, he offers us comfort in our grief... which is so like him to do.

My prayers and heartfelt sympathy for you and Fred. I know you gave Emmitt the best life imaginable. I am missing my Emmy already...

My love,
pearl & momma

Laura said...

Oh, I am so very sorry, Melissa. I k now what a wonderful friend and inspiration Emmitt was to you - he will continue to inspire you, and will be forever in the hearts of all those he has touched via the internet. Hugs to you on this sad day - you and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers.

Rosie said...

Pug hugs to you and your family today. Such sad
News but a beautiful post. Emmitt was a lucky guy
To have so much love in his life.

The Slimmer Pugs, Kitties, and Mama said...

We all are crying. But tears, I believe are a good thing...they show that Emmitt was truly loved...I would hate to think of those sweet babies that didn't have a home and never had a tear shed when they passed over the rainbow bridge. 14 1/2 years is a long friendship and I know I will be devestated when my group each pass over the bridge. I'm not going to say I know how you feel because that is probably the worst thing a person could probably say to someone who is grieving the loss of someone special to them. All I can say is that I have many babies that have made passage to the rainbow bridge...some on their own and others with a little love and help. My most recent loss was a rescued Pug named Megan and that about tore me apart inside. But she was 3 1/2 years old...and we only had her for 6 months of that time that little angel graced us on I can't even begin to imagine the pain of one of my babies passing over the rainbow bridge in their golden years. It is Emmitt who is running free while we are still prisoners in our body feeling the pain of such a heavy loss. Melissa, you and Fred were great parents to Emmitt and I would entrust you with any of my pugs...that is saying a lot as they are my life and I wouldn't entrust but a small few if something should happen to me or my mother. That said, my pugs send their hugs and paws of comfort and I send you a big ol' bear hug.
Your friend always,
Mindy and Emmitt's forever furiends
George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi

Lori said...

oh melissa~i am so very sorry to hear.. although i never did "meet" emmitt i feel like i knew him...
please know that i am thinking of you during this very difficult time. love and hugs, lori and jocko

Unknown said...

Melissa, it is clear that so many people were touched by Emmitt, but I know he had a special place in your life. We will all miss him, but it is a comfort to know he is in the Happy Hunting Grounds, romping and whole. Pono and I will be thinking about you...

Manda Girl said...

Melissa, I am so sorry to hear of your loss of Emmitt - you are both such an amazing presence in the pug community and we all love and will miss his place here but will always be comforted to know that he is running over the bridge with so many of our pug friends. With so much love we send to you all.

Uji, Angel Izzy, Ziggy, Angel Bean, Angel Hiro and Momma Tea said...

Melissa, that post was so lovely and just like Emmitt he has got the tears streaming down my face bless him. Although we didn't always comment we read his blg avidly
. I cannot begin to imagine how you are feeling but please know we are all thinking of you and your OH. It is hard to find the right words to say sometimes actions are better so I am sending you the biggest hug I have and Richie & Ronnii are sending snuggles to you both as well.
We shall look for the new star in the heavens as soon as th skies here ae clear and we will know it is Emmitt shining down on us all.

With Love
Momma Tea, Richie & Ronnii

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Oh no, we are so sad - we had no idea that Emmitt wasn't doing well. We know Emmitt is now happy but we send our very best thoughts and prayers and hugs to your Mom and Dad - we know how heavy their hearts must be. We have loved knowing you, Emmitt, and we know that you will send another wonderful pup to your family when the time is right for them to open their hearts to love one again.

Truly so very sorry.

Hugs and Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara and Mom too

Southern Fried Pugs said...

It is obvious to anyone who reads your blog that Emmitt was well loved by you. Loved and cared for like he deserved. Every pug should be loved like Emmitt.

So many of our beautiful boy pugs have crossed lately. Emmitt is in good company across the bridge and will have no shortage of friends to show him around.

Prayers sent for you and your family.

Linda O'Neill said...

Missy and Fred...we loved Emmitt and we love you. Our hearts are with you today. xox

Liss said...

Precious Emmit,
We will miss u so much. Your's was my favorite pug blog. I'm so glad you had a blog to share your thoughts and adventures. I'm also so glad you were a part of our lives. We love you and are so happy you are in heaven safe and sound. We will miss you but look forward to a day when we will meet you in person. Love you!

Dear Melissa and Fred,
I'm praying for you and thinking of you. Thank you so much for giving Emmitt such a wonderful home and life, he was so blessed and you guys were too and thank you so much for sharing that blessing with us. Love you guys.

Alycia said...

I'm so sorry for your loss! I know how absolutely devastating it is! I just lost my pug 3 days ago and still can't believe it. It's so surreal. You and Emmet are in my thoughts.

Too Cute Pugs said...


I'm so sorry. We love you and Emmitt and we're so glad that you shared Emmitt with the world - not only on this blog but in your art.

Emmitt - we will miss you.

Hugs and kisses,
Sue, Pearl & Daisy

Ritaestelle said...

I love you Emmitt!!!! I will see you in Heaven!!!! <3

Jaime Shea said...

Dear Emmitt,
I never had the honor of meeting you, but I felt that I knew you because of how much love your mama radiated when she would talk or write about you. Your place on this physical world has made a huge difference to many wonderful people, and now is your time to enjoy your friends who passes before you and the ones who will be joining you at some point in the future.

Dear Melissa,
What can I say?! You were such an amazing mama to your precious baby and he was so, so blessed that you chose him so many years ago. A match made in heaven. Much love to you and Fred. Xoxo


Tweedles -- that's me said...

My sweetest Emmy Poo
Thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for guiding me on the way to happiness. My very own life, and my moms life has been changed forever, because of you.
You shared words of wisdom with me. You held my paw when I needed strength and comfort.
You were my shining star.
My heart is broken right now, because this is very hard for me to accept. I know you want me to not cry. But right now,, my tribute to you is puddled around me in my tears.
Thank you to your mom and dad Missy and Fred for sharing your beautiful story of inspiration to us,, Sharing how a little pug named Emmitt could inspire creativity in your moms heart, to paint the world with art and love.
The world loves you, I love you, and I will hold your paw forever. Your paw has been inbedded on my heart forever and ever and ever.
I send all my love and healing bubbles to your mom and dad.
My Emmy, I love you
Your Tweeeeeeee

Sketching with Dogs said...

Darling Emmitt
Your blog is always one of the highlights of our day. Seeing your sweet little face and hearing about your adventures.
We will miss you so much, you were like our big brother across the pond and we loved you with all our heart.
We are glad you are looking down from heaven and taking care of your mum and dad, our thoughts and love are with them.
Dip, Bridget, Elliot and Lynne xxx

Vito and Gina said...

Melissa, I read Stubby's mom's tribute to him while at work. I had to stop reading at least 10 times because it was so hard to choke back the tears while at work. Today I'm reading about Emmitt and I'm crying all of those tears out loud. I am just so sorry. Your attitude is inspirational. I'm just devastated for you. We all know this day is going to come but I just cannot even imagine what it will be like or what you are going through. You and Emmitt have been such a pleasure to get to know through blog world. We will miss him so much. Hang in there.

Much love,
Gina (and Vito too)

artpaw said...

Wishing you both peace & comfort as you find your way forward. Your sweet boy was loved by so many.

marianne said...

Oh no.........
I am completely in tears.
Oh my beautiful Emmitt! I will miss you so much I always loved to see you and hear from you.
I don't want to think how Melissa and Fred will feel right now. this will be so hard loosing such a special dog..............
Oh My heart is filled with sadness.
I think you wrote a very courageous post Melissa.
Sending you virtual hugs and love across the cosmos to reach Emmitt♥
I will miss him dearly.

Ritobear said...

I'm sitting here reading all the comments and crying uncontrollably. I know Emmitt will always be with you and he is happy, I will just miss him and his singing so much. I feel like I've lost a dear friend. Hugs and love to you from Pugsley and me.

GAIL said...

My heart is breaking. Melissa and Fred, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. What a lucky boy he was to have you both and thank you so much for sharing him with "all of us". xoxo

agent99 said...

Melissa & Fred-our thoughts are with you now as we all say goodbye to Emmitt. Even though he lived a long and pampered's never long enough. We loved reading about his antics and singing, he will be missed, deeply. Much love, Gen, Foo and the gang @ Utterly Chaotic!

Unknown said...

Melissa and Fred - our hearts are breaking with yours over Emmitt's trip to the Bridge. He had a great life with you - he was so loved - and I know he enriched your lives for nearly 15 years! You have such great memories of that handsome guy that will bring a smile to your face at unexpected very sorry. xoxoxo

Sending you love and hugs!
Karen, Angel First Lady Bailey, Hercules and Xena

Sandy said...

My heart is with you both. Emmitt was a lucky guy and you all were lucky too! I wish all these little ones lived with us forever but they do in our hearts and memories. Emmitt is in good company with all our loved ones!

The Daily Pip said...

I am so sorry to hear about Emmitt, but what a beautiful post. His spirit shines through every word. RIP sweet Emmitt.


Noodles said...

Melissa and Emmitt, You have both been a welcome part of our everyday blog experience. While we know intellectually that Emmitt is in a happy place over the Rainbow Bridge (and with our very missed furiend Stubby), emotionally we are hurting. Thank you Emmitt for all the wisdom you imparted to us and all the stylish poses you graced Blogville with.
Love FURever your pal Noodles

Ruth Welter said...

Melissa & Fred,

I'm so sorry for your loss...I had no idea little Emmitt was sick. What a joy he was to your life and I know, you both brought a lot of joy to his life too, yours is a wonderful home to be in.

Any puppy will be lucky to be in your house. Sorry to hear your sad news....Hugs to you both.

With Love,


dw said...

Oh, Melissa, I am so sorry! I know Emmitt will be watching over you, and will be there for you when you're ready to give a fantastic home to another pup. My thoughts are with you. *hugs*

Kristina Zambrano said...

oh so sorry for your loss of your beautiful furkid i never meet you and your pug i just started to visit your blog watching all those lovely sweaters and stuff you do ... please accept my condolence and be sure he's now in a beautiful place where everyday is happiness and nothing bad happens

kristina & kovack the golde r

Barbara said...

Dear Emmitt's mom,

Tweedles is a dear friend of mine, and I have a lovely card of yours on my fridge full of lovely Tweedles words. She told me of her love of Emmitt, and while I am sad that you had to let him go, I agree that you helping him across the bridge enables him to continue to be our life force.

We are sad for us, but happy that Emmitt is free of his earthly woes. I am glad to hear that one day you will honor him by adopting another who needs love.

We stand with you in your time of sadness.

barbara, trixie and minnie

Lisa M Griffin said...

i am so very sorry to hear about your news. my thoughts are with you during this difficult time... his gentle spirit will live on through your memories, and your talents.

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Oh how we wish we had time to REALLY check our GR this AM -

We are so sorry for your loss YET very proud of all of you -

This is the greatest gift we can give them -

We all know even though it hurts so freakin' much -

We were going to light a candle for a Husky pal that crossed earlier today - so now we'll add Emmitt to its glow!

Khyra and Phyll

Oskar said...

We are so very sorry, our hearts are breaking for you, but we are amazed at the beautiful tribute post you have created for Emmitt.

Hugs & love,
Oskar & Pam

Chicas Libelulas said...

Oh my dearest Melissa, you and Emmitt are in our heart and prayers during this difficult times. You and Emmitt will alway be apart of all of us.
Marcella, Spongy & Licky

Two Pugs in a Pod said...

Emmitt, our mama couldn't bear to leave a comment because she's just too leaky, so we hijacked the 'puter. We want to say congratulations on your many wonderful years here on Earth, and on successfully making the great journey. WE know that you are young, and happy, and having a blast over there - with a full belly and a happy heart - even if the humans here are sad. We heard our mama say how inspired she was by your mama's positive attitude and by how her love for you has shown will you pass that message to her for us? We know you'll always live on in her art and in her heart.

Love, Klaus & Natty

Amy Wood said...

I'm sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts and prayers go out to you. Emmitt was a sweet boy and I'm glad he is in a good place now.

Teddy said...

We heard about your loss through Maggie and Mitch's blog. What a sweet boy Emmitt was. We love the photo of you in matching sweaters. I can tell he had a wonderful, loved life with you. Sending our love.

Teddy, CC-man and mom

Unknown said...

Dear Emmitt's family, we're so sorry to hear about the passing of Emmitt from Maggie and Mitch. It's never easy to lose a family member as it always leaves a hole in our heart. However, Emmitt knew it well that he was well-loved and he loved you all too. Sure he wants you all to move on and be happy.
We will be thinking of all of you.
~ Priscilla

Christine Throckmorton said...

I've heard so much about Emmitt, it's as if he was a legend. Actually, he IS a legend...but I'm shocked and saddened to read about his passing. My thoughts are with your family. You have a PugAngel smiling over you!

The Airechicks said...

Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night, sweet prince;
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Sweet Dreams Prince Emmitt...

Mum & Dad hold tight you're in our thoughts and prayers.


3 doxies said...

Melissa and Fred,
I am so sorry to hear about your loos. I heard through Maggie and Mitch.
Please know that you are both in our thoughts and prayers. I know your hearts hurt.
What a special and Lucky little one Emmitt was to have you both.

Puddles and family

Kellee the Caffeinated said...


You are so awesome to look at this in such a positive light. Emmitt was truly lucky to have such a wonderful family to love him and give him such a great life. He is now young again and renewed. Our past puggies Bacon, Curly Bill and Pricilla along with so many others surely took him in with open paws to show him the ropes at the bridge.

Love to you!
The Monsters

Pepsi the Lazy Bum said...

Hi, I heard about your devastating loss over from Maggie and Mitch. I am so sorry to hear that Emmitt has gone over to the Rainbow Bridge. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

R.I.P Emmitt.


Ying and Yang said...

Emmitt, you are so thoughtful and loving to leave such a beautiful letter to all who love you. To let everyone know how much you love them and that you are happy and well is the best comfort you could give.
Grins and Kisses,
Ying and Yang

♥I am Holly♥ said...

We heard from Maggie and Mitch's blog about Emmett. We are so very sorry but know he is now free at the Rainbow Bridge and visiting so many wonderful friends there. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

Teddy Bear said...

Emmitt, we are so sad to hear about your crossing the Bridge but are glad to hear that you are well. We are sending your pawrents lots of love and hugs.

Teddy Bear

Asta said...

All is well, life and love and awt awe etewnal, but ouw teaws awe falling anyway. Just today, just fow a little while because although I know you awe fine and in heaven and will always be wif youw family , I will miss seeing youw sweet face.
I will see you someday and give you my smoochie kisses

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Your strengh is really comforting and I feel like I should be comforting you~

Emmitts words through you are just beautiful~
Our love, thoughts and prayers are with you and Fred~

Much love,
IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man

Lorenza said...

Beautiful tribute for Emmitt.
Thanks for sharing him with us.
Our thoughts are with you.
Take care

Scout and Freyja said...

We came over from Tweedles' bloggy to let you know that our hearts are very and very sads for you. It seems like the one's we love leave us all too soon. The Circle of Life is so mysterious and so beautiful all at the same time. We know that Emmitt is at peace and that one day all of you will be together once more.

Amber-Mae said...

Hi, I read about Emmitt's passing in Maggie & Mitch's blog so I came over here to offer my condolences to you. I'm sorry that she passed away but she really lived a good long life with you. Just think of the wonderful moments you've spent with her. Hugs & take care.

The Thuglets said...

We are so very sorry to hear the sad news about Emmitt. It is never easy saying goodbye no matter how or when.
Please know we are thinking of you at this time.

Emmitt run free with wind in your face forever.

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Our condolences to you at the passing of your Emmitt. We loved seeing the pictures of you and him in the matching sweaters. He was very stylish.
Smooches from pooches,
BabyRocketDog and Hootie
and mama,Cassie

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

Hurro, Maggie and Mitch sent us over to give our condolences. We can see how very much love you had and will continue to have!
~lickies, Ludo

Angus said...

We've just come from Maggie and Mitch and ar so, so sorry to learn of the loss of an old friend. Your right. He is happy and free and all is truly well.

Unknown said...

Emmitt - you touched so many lives around the world. We smiled each time. Max, MA-ytah, Shady and Abbey will miss you too. Melissa and Fred our hugs to you.

Princess Patches said...

Making that final decision is heartbreaking, but also the kindest thing to do. Emmitt, we know you are playing with all our buddies who went to the rainbow bridge before you! Run free!

Penny & Patches

The WriggleButts said...

I'm so sorry, Melissa and Fred.. Emmitt was such a wonderful little guy. But I know he is having a good time with our other friends at the rainbowbridge.


Pat Wahler said...

Emmitt, I know you're running free and happy at the Rainbow Bridge!


Diane said...

Oh Melissa, I don't even know where to begin. I just saw the note of Facebook about Emmitt. My heart hurts so bad for you but I can see you have amazing strength!!
Please know we all love Emmitt & you too! My condolences to Emmitt's entire family. May his sweet soul rest in peace. We love you! xoxo Diane

JudyMackeyart said...

Melissa - I am so very sorry to hear of Emmitt's passing. I am amazed that you were able to write what you have for Emmitt - my heart goes out to you and I am thinking of you. I know your heart is hurting but you are so thoughtful of us your friends and readers to share Emmitt's thoughts in this way. I love you!

fromsophiesview said...

Hi Emmitt's Mom...please accept my deepest sympathies for the emptiness you are enduring right now. I follow Tweed's and read the is fineness take care of yourself and IF you need anymore hugs and snuggles I will be happy to send vibes to you~~~~~~~~see pretty easy,eh! Yes, I'm Canadian wink wink!

The Devil Dog said...

OMG Melissa, I just read this. I am so very sorry. Emmitt was such a sweetie, everything a beloved pug should be. Please know you will be in our thoughts and prayers and if there is anything we can do, please let us know.

Roxy, Lucky & Mom

Cowspotdog said...

Emmitt - we will think of you running free and happy in the green pastures over the rainbow bridge. Have fun with all the old friends you will again there and know your Mom and Dad will always love you.

Sue said...

We're so sorry to hear about Emmitt. We've lost too many doggy friends lately. Our thoughts are with him and you today.
Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

Sara Diana said...

What a beautiful post and dedication to your special friend. I lost a dog recently, she slipped her lead and ran under a tractor, she died in my arms. I was so worried about her but I was given a message from my brother who died a long time ago to say "what are you bothered about, shes with me". Love never dies and Emmitt will always be with youx

martha said...


I am so sorry. Your tribute to Emmitt is beautiful. And he was a beautiful puggie.


We'll miss you very much.

Martha and Bennie

cherie said...

We are so sorry for your loss, but you are right Emmitt is in a better place.
We just lost one of our furbabies last week the pain of the loss is now fading and being replaced with the wonderful memories we shared with our Caleb.
Have a day filled with peace.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Emmitt, you are, and always will be 'the man'. Paco and I will always regard you as the Best Boy. My eyes are leaking thinking of you all, wishing you peace.

Meredith LeBlanc said...

This is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing yourself & Emmitt with us.

Love, Meredith

studio lolo said...

I came here after seeing marianne's post today. I didn't know Emmit, but as a veterinary tech for 36 years I do know the deep loving bond we have with our fur babies.
Your tribute is so loving and unselfish by expressing your joy in the new freedom Emmit now has. And you are wise to know he'll always be with you.

Hugs and blessings to you and your family. Sweet Emmit will send you a new pup when he thinks you need one ;) ♥

Run free, little guy♥

Sandy Mastroni said...

Melissa and Fred
Emmitt brought smiles to everyone !!!!!
I'm so sorry ..... with all my heart , I'm sorry

God bless you both .

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Oh Emmitt, you are one special pug and I have enjoyed your dear little spirit. My eyes are teary but I thank you for your generous heart in letting us all know that you are ok. God Bless you and hugs to your dear mama and daddy.
Please say hi to my Wendell if you see him. He left for heaven 4 months ago and I love him dearly, still.

BriannaBlueStudio said...


Emmitt brought so much joy and inspiration to me. He is a beautiful angel beyond the rainbow bridge now..I am sending you all my love and what comfort I am able to across the miles. I will never forget precious Emmitt, and I am so blessed to call you my friend.

"Dogs are miracles with paws"

All my love,


Casper Bear said...

You will forever remain in our hearts! Be happy and run with the big dogs!
Lotsa Licks
Casper Bear

RSM said...

We will miss you little man. Your glorious moans and grunts, your squeeks and and your always beaming presence. I will personally miss my friend, the one who without failure always looked forward to saying hello to me every time he made the turn around the corner. We love you Emmitt. Run and see freely!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

We are sending you more and more love tonight,,,, because your in our hearts and wanted to tell you so.
We always feel...
"always take the time to say what is on your heart"
so tonight we wish for a rainbow of many colors to wrap its love around you .

Millie said...

Melissa, I am so sorry to hear Emmitt has gone to the Bridge. Millie and I are sending you hugs and purrs.

Millie (Roxy & Lucky's fur-cousins)

Unknown said...

My heart goes out to you! Little Emmitt was so very special and certainly there has never been a more well-loved friend than he.

Sending warm hugs and much pug love your way

Jennifer said...

I am late on the uptake --saw a strange Twitter tweet and thought, OMG Emmitt hasn't passed away, has he?!?!? Ran over here to your blog and am crying at my desk... God bless you and your husband during this difficult time... my heart is with you...

With the greyhounds Clifford and Jack

Peng Peng said...

omg.. i just read the news. So sorry for your loss, you are right- Emmitt is never far from those who love him. how lucky and blessed he is to have shared his life with you :)

Robyn said...

We never got to meet Emmitt but we are very sorry for your loss. He was an angel sent here to inspire you to create beautiful art. Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

Robyn and the Pugs, Calvin and Tucker

Moira said...

Melissa - I don't know how I've missed the sad news of Emmitt's passing. I am reading your beautiful tribute in tears. I know he will continue to inspire you and bring you joy. And I hope that each day gets a little easier in coping with the reality of the sounds and smells and hilarity that is missing from your days. No dog could ask for more from a companion like you -- who have built a Pug empire based on love. Rest in peace, Sweet Emmitt.