Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday Fun - Pug Luggage Flag takes a Trip!

It is so fun to see my art take on a life of its own with its new families.

My friend, Nancy Medina, recently bought a Luggage Flag for her trip to Boston to visit her friend and their pug, Winston.

Nancy was sweet enough to send me pictures and write a story about their adventure on her blog.

Thank you Nancy! You made my day!


Linda O'Neill said...

Hi Melissa, I'm catching up on your blog and I'm blown away by all you've been doing! You are amazing...and always inspire me. Great work, missy! xox!

P.S. I see that Maisie is Miss August for 2009? Love it!

Nevis said...

That is SO adorable!!

Unknown said...

Winston loved meeting PuggyTag, Melissa. Thank you for the beautiful tag to adorn my luggage for my trip to Boston. I was the envy of everyone at the airport! : )
Nancy and the fatties

Clover said...

Super cute luggage flag!! Love it.

Unknown said...

oh what an awesome tag...I think it may not make it through the luggage thing...hehehehe

Manon said...

Such a cute tag! You have so much fun artwork!!

Jill Beninato said...

Great are so creative in cool ways to showcase your art. It is also a nice way to be reminded of our babies while we are travelling!