Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Creating a Space to be Creative

I started working on my new altered journal this weekend.
I am having fun creating decorative pages that I will eventually fill with art.
I like making a space to be creative without needing to fill it right away. It will be ready to show off art that is not quite here yet.

The first thing I did was to create a fabric book cover that slips right over the old hard cover.

I chose a Japanese fabric I bought on Etsy. The creatures are supposed to be dogs, but I think they look like kitties too.

For extra texture and pugginess, I created a beaded pug patch from another piece of fabric I bought on Etsy to add to the front cover

Here is the inside of the book so far.

Most of the book has not been sectioned off yet.

Here it is closed.
You can see the seed beads I sewed in that actually makes a pocket inside the book.
I will keep you posted on my progress. :)


Unknown said...

Love this Melissa - what a great idea for a journal!

Melanie said...

Wow! This journal is so awesome! I just love the fabric cover this time!

Rachel said...

Great stuff - I am just starting to get obsessed with the fabric on Etsy. I bought some a few weeks ago and just completed a project with it last night - I'll have to take some pics to share. Fabric is so addictive.....

Nevis said...

AWEsome, Melissa!

lizzy said...

This is so great! Your creativity is so inspiring!

Linda O'Neill said...

I LOVE this, M...you creative little vixen you!:)

The Devil Dog said...

We love watching the progress of your books. It is so much fun.


Pugs and Kneedles said...

M--WOW!! I love this. The fabric is amazing and you just put it together in such a beautiful way. WOW! Oh, I already said that, sorry. Kiss Emmitt for us. Hugs, K

Too Cute Pugs said...


You are so creative. I love your book.

Unknown said...

oh my goodness...I am just heading over here and then get a note from you! what a hoot....nice to know that you're there typing away as I am....I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee your fabric book cover...what a cool idea...and how neat to add all the details...love it!

can't wait to see more!

I thought I may have some time on my hands for a week or so...then got a bunch of cool projects...oh is everything works out it will be so fab! please pray for me!