Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cycling, Wool and Art!

I am so excited for this weekend to arrive!

On Saturday, Melanie, Mark and I are going to ride the 45 mile loop in the Sunrise Century. I cannot wait!

Then on Sunday we are going to the Estes Park annual Wool Market!
Last year, I bought a hat loom and knitted like a dozen hats. I cannot wait to see what I find this year!

and after the Wool Market we are going to grab some lunch and then head down to Denver to the...

All may favorite things packed in one weekend! Who could ask for more? :)


Nichol Brinkman said...

That weekend sounds GREAT! I wish I lived in Colorado. I think the "dry" heat everyone raves about would be much nicer than sticky mid-west heat.

Clarence and Flannery look like good friends, and man, I can't get over Emmitt. He just emits love!

Unknown said...

HAHAH! Nichol is funny.
Melissa I want to go to the Art thingy with you! *lacing up tennies* That looks like fun. The biking, not so much. : )
pug hugs on Saturday

The Devil Dog said...

Sounds like a ball. You have a blast!


Manon said...

I wish I could go too! We had an art show last week and the temps were in the 90's and sticky. Nichol is right about the temps out in the mid-west compared to you. Have a great time!