Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Painting - American Pit Bull Terrier

8 x 10 Acrylic on Wood

I just finished this Pit Bull Terrier to add to the Pug Pals family.

I do not do commission work, but if you have a breed that I have not painted yet, I would always love to hear from you. Please e-mail me pictures and if it inspires a new Pug Pal, I will contact you right away. :)

I was so excited about my two new paintings that I have not had a chance to show you my pictures from my fun weekend of cycling and art! I will show you those tomorrow!


Manon said...

Great job on the last two paintings! I love the eyes especially on the pugs.
Your weekend at the Wool Market looked like a lot of fun!!

Unknown said...

I love this little guy - such a sweet face. Bravo on another addition to your furfamily of art Melissa! Please give Emmitt a big hug for me.
Nancy and the puggies

Unknown said...

oh wow Melissa!!! he is so sweeeeeeeeeeeet.....my friend would love this painting...cool that you are working on all these wonderful paintings....your collection is amazing....

well done!!! and can't wait to see more of your photos!


Nevis said...

Adorable! (as usual) I love the shadow under on the body.

And it's too bad you don't do commission work!

Jill Beninato said...

Great new work! I really like the two pugs as well, they have great expressions!

Veronica Arch said...

Aw, what a cutie!

The Devil Dog said...

We can't wait. As always, your paintings are wonderful, expressive and colorful. No wonder mom likes them. She is certainly the last two.


Manon said...

Hey Melissa,
I liked your slide show so much I went and tried it out myself. There are so many options to play with!! Lot's of fun!