Friday, June 20, 2008

CSS Class: My Final Web Template

My 6 week class - Intro to CSS - at the Eclectic Academy is complete.
I had a wonderful time learning about Cascading Style Sheets that allow you to change the styles you assign to your web pages through HTML quickly and easily.
It is excellent for people who have a big picture view when they write their code and know that they want a certain style attribute to change globally on their website.
A few weeks ago I posted about the first 3 weeks of my class.
This post will cover weeks 4 - 6 so you can see how it has changed.
In week 4 we learned alot!
  • I hyperlinked the lessons in the navigation bar so you could look at the history of each week.
  • added more links to my Pug Notes website in the navigation bar
  • learned to add a stylized list of FAQ's in the body of the template
  • added a footer area
  • styled the links to change as you hovered over them and for the colors to change once you have visited the links.

Week 5 was alot more tame. It was an optional lesson to take the table structure out which did not work for me so I just changed the footer links to link back to my website, email and blog.

Week 6 was our final lesson and I had a great time...

  • changing the scroll bar to orange
  • adding a line divider and some space to the navigation bar
  • and adding and stylizing a sign up form (that is a dummy - it does not work) for my newsletter.
It was a great class and I learned alot! I think my final page is successful and can be used in the future as a template for any web site I want to create.
I am excited to start the Expression Web class I signed up for that begins on July 6th for 6 weeks that will teach me a new software package to keep designing and innovating my website for years to come!


Unknown said...

I love the layout, Melissa. You have such an eye for color!
hugs from Texas,
Nancy and the fattypugs

Moira said...

I am really impressed. I keep looking at the CSS info on changing my blog and get a panic attack. Bravo!

Unknown said...

Hi Melissa...

WHat a great web page! your classes must be so much fun...I love everything about it...especially your art...

I am feeling much better today...thank you so much for being so sweet and being such a great friend!!!

hugs and have a great weekend!

Tara's Art Camp said...

What a great skill you now have. I wish I knew more about CSS, but no time.

Love seeing all the wool!

Nevis said...

Looks great!

Clover said...

That does sound like a lot of fun! My mom likes anything that is like school. The page looks good!
Love Clover xo

Lisa M Griffin said...

The website looks awesome! Great job.

Frances Louise said...

Omigosh! Mommy's eyes are rolling from all the computer talk (she is terrified of doing anything on the computer other than emailing and shopping).

She thinks you are a pretty shart artist!

The Devil Dog said...

You are amazing and mom is just plum tuckered out. She wants to contemplate the inside of her eyelids quite a bit this weekend but she can't, she has too much to do.

We love reading what you are up too.

Roxy et al

Anonymous said...

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