Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Valentino - Most Fashionable Pug Contest!

The film makers of Valentino: The Last Emperor have issued a Press Release!

A New Contest has been announced!

The MOST FASHIONABLE PUG CONTEST will be judged by Mr. Valentino himself.

Please click here to see all of the details on:

  1. How to Enter

  2. Prizes

  3. Rules

Send in your fashionable pug pictures to win! Good Luck everyone!

Emmitt has his toes crossed that he has got the look!


Liss said...

Emmitt you sure do have the look ;)

Tere Sanders said...

Oh, I want to see this movie so bad!!! Emmitt looks very dapper in his tie. What a lady killer!!!!

Tere Sanders said...

Oh, I want to see this movie so bad!!! Emmitt looks very dapper in his tie. What a lady killer!!!!

Diane said...

Oh my, Melissa...that little Emmitt is a show stopper, for sure. What a handsome guy. He definitely has the look! I'd love to kiss that sweet face!
Good luck, Emmitt!
xoxo Diane

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Yes, Emmitt has the look!

Best of lukhk!


Laura said...

You DEFINITELY have the look, Emmitt! Good luck ~

Pugsley said...


You are so fashionable!! I had my mom submit some pictures:)


Bev said...

eheheh!!! I have to say your Emmitt is darling. I have two pugs one fawn male, and a little black rescue. Wrinkles and Sadie...the love of our lives now that the kids have grown, but I've never dressed them up so I can't join in all the fun..Sadie sometimes wears a sweater I made, but doesn't really like it..
I hope Emmitt wins!!!

Rachel said...

I told you on twitter before, I think, that I was definitely all over entering Clementine in to this contest. I think she has an edge because she's wearing her pink evening gown in the picture and Valentino is all about the gowns. But Emmitt is dashing, for sure!

christine said...

Mr. Emmitt is stylin'! Good luck to him!

Pearl and Daisy said...

Good luck Emmitt!

Mom may send in some pictures of us too!

Pug love from,
Pearl & Daisy

Leslie Moore said...

We all know that Emmitt is a shoe-in for this contest! Love your new Frenchie too! Thanks for visiting my new website.

Leslie Moore said...
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Manon Doyle said...

I've got all my fingers and toes crossed that Emmitt will win!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

I am voting for Emmitt of course!
Look at that face , and his little outfit. He is exactly what they are looking for!
Go Emmitt GO!

Maggie and Mitch said...

ooooooooooooo, Emmitt - you look so handsome!
We love the picture of the Puggies all lined up on the sofa!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Ruth Welter said...

Good luck to you Mr. Emmitt. You've got tons of charm and appeal....I know you can win!!

Love your French Bulldog painting in the below post Melissa. I love that breed.


Mare said...

Why bother to enter? Emmitt has it sewn up, hands down! ;) I saw a preview of this on the Charlie Rose show. Valentino's pugs are wonderful!

Puglette said...

oh emmitt, you are so handsome in your tie! i think you are the handsomest puggy boy!

Sunny said...

Good luck Emmitt!

MYRA said...

What a handsome Emmitt you have there! 8-)

The Devil Dog said...

Emmitt is very dashing. He should definitely be entered. Mom wants to enter Lucky. I am not so sure if I want to or not. After all, I don't want to crush the competition with my fabulousness.


marianne said...

I will always vote for Emmitt!!!!
Nice video Melissa! Thanks

Corinna said...

Emmit looks very handsome.

I am very proud to say that I am the breeder of Jolly, the 2nd place winner of the Valentino Pug Contest!!!! We are very proud of Jolly & her owner designer Sarah!
Corinna :)