Monday, March 16, 2009

Knit or Crochet a Square for Charity

Last week I received my newsletter in my inbox. I love their yarn, patterns, blog and way they reach out to the community.

This issue featured the Knit A Square charity that collects knitted or crocheted 8 x 8 wool yarn squares and then assembles them into blankets to keep children warm in South Africa.
I have not picked up my knitting needles in a long time so I thought it would be fun to try knitting again before crocheting a whole bunch to send.

I had the best time! It is amazing how your fingers have better memory than your mind at times. The Knit a Square for charity website also has great tutorials to help you knit or crochet the squares. The first 2 I did I knit every row and then the second two I alternated the knit and purl stitch between rows to get the flat v looking pattern instead of the bumpier knit pattern.
Here is a little bit of information from their website. If you would like to make a square, please visit to fine out all the details on how you can create warmth for a child with just a little bit of wool and a few stamps.

It is estimated that there are 11.6 million orphans in sub-saharan Africa. 1.4 million live in South Africa.
They live in terrible poverty. They need love, shelter, food, education and warmth. Many children's charities are working hard to provide the first four. Charity knitting (and crocheting) can provide the last.

A dollar lasts a day, blankets are for life.
This simple idea to knit or crochet a square to make blankets for these children will take you little time, cost only the price of a standard international stamp and empower local communities to make a difference.
All while you do what you love - knitting and crocheting.
If you the knitters and crocheters of the world, each knit a square and send it to Soweto Comfort Club,
(details in knit to give), the women of Soweto will use their wonderful abilities as crafts women to sew the squares together either for a child or baby blanket.
So please use your left over yarn scraps, crochet or knit for charity to make a square (or more)and they will soon be in a baby blanket keeping a cold child warm.

I would love to see your squares. Please let me know when you make one. :)

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Manon Doyle said...

You have such a big heart Melissa! I really admire that in you!!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

That is furryfurry special!

Once upon a time my mom knew how to khrochet...I wonder if she khan still do it?


Liss said...

You are the sweetest person I know. The world is a better place because of you.

Rachel said...

That is a great cause! And what a simple way to make a big difference - I love stuff like that - thanks for sharing!

Pugsley said...

This is a great cause:) I am going to show this to my co-worker, because she is big into crocheting.

Have a GREAT Monday!!

Candace Trew Camling said...

you do so many wonderful things for charity. You are a lovely soul!

Diane said...

Hi Melissa & Emmitt,
Melissa, your heart is just about as big as they come! You are one of the kindest, most giving individuals that I know. You are always there for everybody! You are, without a doubt, the BEST!!!
xoxoxo Diane

Nancy and the fatties said...

What a great cause Melissa - you have the biggest heart. We are so lucky to have you as a friend. And Emmy-pants, too.

Diana Evans said...

oh bless your heart Melissa!!! I am a strong believer in "the more you give....the more you get" and you are always doing wonderful things to make the world a better place!!!


Clover said...

Hi Melissa!
This is so cool! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing with us. I am going to see if I can try it!

marianne said...

Hi Melissa you are always so busy knitting for good causes! I love that about you you have time besides your own busy things for people and animals in need.

have a nice day!

Sunny said...

That's a great idea for a cause! You're always helping out where crafty hands are needed!

Rebecca said...

Great post ,great cause!

Maggie and Mitch said...

You're such a wonderful person, Melissa! You get involved in all things that are good!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

The Devil Dog said...

Hi Melissa. That looks like a wonderful project. Mom will have to see if she can put some time into that. Is there a deadline?


PS Comcast has repeats of Kings "on Demand".

Frances Louise said...

You have such a big heart! Mommy wishes she can knit . . .

Mare said...

You are a sweetie! :)

Karine said...

What a cool charity. Since I am just learning to crochet, this is perfect. A square is about all I am capable of so far. It will serve two purposes: one to help me practice, one to help out with the blankets! Thanks, Melissa!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Hi Melissa,
I bet mommie can do this! A thousand years ago- she said she tried to crochet something in her other life. She is going to try to do it. She will give it her best. Thank you for sharring this story so we can all make a difference, and again you have one of the biggest hearts we know,

Puglette said...

melissa, you are such an inspiration! thank you for sharing another piece of your heart.

HeArt Collective said...

i love what you're doing here! good goes a long way and the world could use a little more of it!

do you know about


♥ KNITTING ART said...

Hi Melissa !

Nice to see your beautiful works.
Best wishes :o)