Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Pug Collage - Smiling Pug - A68

I am having so much fun making collages!
Here is my newest creation that is exclusively available in my Etsy Shop.

It is available as either a signed print or in a set of note cards paired with my collage The Pug Kiss shown below.

The Pug Kiss

I really enjoy the process of painting with colored/textured paper.

I never know exactly how the papers will translate. Everything is broken down into shapes.

I do not necessarily choose the colors for their contrasting quality consciously, but it often turns out that one side has a shadow quality which I like. I think it gives the piece a little more depth.

I love how the tongue and nose turned out.
I chose a pink paper with silver lines on it for the tongue, but I did not plan where the silver lines would appear. I totally smiled when I turned it over and the line was right where I would have painted it. How fun is that?
And the nose was fun to turn over and see that I captured a swirl right where I would have painted a nostril.
It is little things like that just make my whole day. What little things in life make you happy? I would love to know!


Manon Doyle said...

I really love these collages that you've been making! The tongue and nose are great! That polka dot fabric is perfect!

Chrispea said...

I love the second one... the little pug kiss, so sweet. Almost looks like a bar code...a very cute one!!;)

Abby Creek Art said...

Your collages are always awesome, M!

Pearl said...

Hi Melissa! The collages are always my favorite!

The little thing making me happy lately is the SUNSHINE! The onset of spring always makes me smile. :)

Ruth Welter said...

Your collages are fabulous them all.


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Furry nice!

I'm sure they are Emmitt approved!


Amy said...

very cute! I love these :)

Nevis said...

Super cool. LOVE the nose!

Edward Burton said...

Very cute collages, Melissa!

Tere Sanders said...

Kinda like psychedelic pugs! Love it!

MYRA said...

Awesome collages! 8-)

The OP Pack said...

Very cute - Love the contrast of the stripes and polka dots.

Peng Peng said...

collage is so fun, for exactly the reasons you mentioned :)
your pug collage is quite psychedelic! Artful 'accidents' make my day too.

Diane said...

You collages are incredible, Melissa! Love, love, love it!!
xoxoxo Diane

Diana Evans said...

these are brilliant Melissa!!!! I love the bright colours....

great work!!!

Clover said...

Hi Melissa!
I love those new collages!
I love life's little surprises!

Liss said...

Cute! I think your right about the little things that make your whole day. I love it when I catch a glimpse of a bunny hopping in the woods by my house, I always get so excited. I also love smiles. Purrs and snorts make me happy too hence the name of my blog ;)

TextileTraveler said...

I love your collages, but especially The Pug Kiss. The looks on their faces are remarkable!

Maggie and Mitch said...

How adorable your new collages are, Melissa!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

The Devil Dog said...

That is a great collage. The placement of the fabric, is almost divine!


Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Hi Melissa and Emmitt, they are maserade partying pugs. My moms and I love the colors. They make the little puggies look dressed up and going to a festive maserade party- on a cruse or somewhere. Very nice "outfits" They look so happy.
Weekends make me happy

Pearl and Daisy said...

Love these! They are colorful and vibrant and fun!


Anonymous said...

Melissa, I adore your pug collages! I didn't realize they were paper, I thought they were fabric. Love them.

marianne said...

I had to come back and see these on my big screen!
They are so lovely cheerfull and such vibrant colors!

Tee said...

Ohhh, i think they're lovely collages!
It's very attractive.