Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Terrariums ~ March 2011

Happy Wednesday everyone!

There are so many fun things happening around here!

Spring has sprung, and I found a great way to have a little tiny green lawn in my kitchen without having to mow it! :)

I made a condo of moss terrariums!
Tee hee!
They are soooo easy to make and take care of!
The first thing I did was find this cool vintage spice rack on Etsy.
Any glass jar with a lid will do!

You do not even need a lid, but it does help to keep the moisture in so you only have to lightly mist it with water once every couple of months or when it feels dry to the touch.

Next, I filled each jar with a few small rocks for drainage and some dirt.
Then I gently pushed in the pillow moss & clay mushrooms I purchased from my favorite plant store on Etsy... Teresa's Plants & More

I put it in my kitchen near the window as they love indirect light.

I placed 3 wooden bird ornaments on top of the spice rack for added fun and it is done!
I just love it and it only took a few minutes to make and even less time to up keep!
Now that is my kind of garden! :)

Fred is planning to plant tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers and pumpkins this year in his real garden.

What are you planning for your gardens this year?
Please leave us a note and tell us all about it.
I cannot wait to hear & see!
Archie & Melissa


Unknown said...

Lovely terrariums and they are so adorable. We pretty much have fruit trees all over our Pride Land. Got banana trees, berry trees, lemon trees. Wish I had the time to garden but when we got hit by that big typhoon in 2001 it destroyed my garden and I just never took it up again.

Wilma said...

Love those little terrariums. We already have garli coming up. There is lettuce, onions, leeks, beets, chard, and some other things sprouting under a light in the basement. Soon the asparagus will peek out and reach for the sky! said...

Great job Melissa...we are trying to get our garden planted.We have had a cold snap come through and tiller broke down in the middle of the garden too so it will be late this year. Trying some pimentos this year and grape tomatoes! Here is a $5 coupon that all your friends can use to get $5 off any $10 or more order on my new web site Use the word NewSite at checkout. Have fun planting everyone! Teresa

Too Cute Pugs said...

Love those! I really like terrariums but have never bought or made one - but you inspire me. I need to put my thinking cap on and make one.


Chicas Libelulas said...

Hola Melissa y Archie!!!
Love the terrariums!! so Cute!
Spongy, Licky & La Mamma

Hank said...

Very cute, Melissa!

We haven't decided what to plant this year. Right now, I'm just busy spreading the pug-manufactured fertilizer. ;)

Winston Wilbur said...

Hi guys,

I just helped mum plants beans, peas and tomatoes and this weekends we are planting peppers. I luvs to watch the sprouts up from the soil before we transplant them into our garden


Tweedles -- that's me said...

We love those little baby plants in their homes! Soooo sweet and magical.
We will plant green beans and tomatoes and squashm and oh yes, the strawberrys need to wake up!

Anonymous said...

As much Moj and I love fresh veggies from the garden, my allergies make the growing and harvesting unbearable. Your terrariums inspire me to make a garden I can manage. Those little mushrooms are so cute. I have to "grow" some. I bet they'd look very sweet with some gnome friends. :)