Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hello from San Diego!

Hi from San Diego!

My sister, Melanie and I are having an amazing time. The pug show was so much fun! I have tons of pictures that I will share as soon as I get home, but I had to say hello and show you just a few.

We met so many wonderful people and pugs! The weather has been perfect and the hillsides are exploding with colorful flowers everywhere we look!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


The Devil Dog said...

We are glad San Diego is nice and colorful and warm. It is cold and gray and raw here. Please enjoy San Diego for us. We expect nice weather when you get home. Great picture of Emmitt. Your tables look great!

Roxy & Lucky

flanger said...

Looks like fun. Congratulations on having a successful show! Wish I were there - sorry I couldn't make it. Love, me.

Ruth Welter said...

Hi glad you and your sister are having a ball. The weather there looks like heaven.

Your booth looks wonderful.

Diana Evans said...

Hi thrilled that you posted on your mini trip! these photos are awesome and I am so thrilled that you and your sister are having so much fun...and the scenery must be amazing!!!


Fannie said...

San Diego is a beautiful place. It's nice to be near the ocean. I hope you had a successful trip. You look like you had fun. Thanks for posting the pics.

Nevis said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time in my old home town. Is that La Jolla? LOVE the crocs. Aren't they crazy comfy? How did SELLING go? Did you come home richer?

Abby Creek Art said...

HA! Love the pic of you two in your Crocs!

Your booth looked great...another big success for Pugnotes. YAY!

The Devil Dog said...

Hi there! How much longer do you get to stay in sunny San Diego? It was sunny here today. 71 degrees. That is nice, we like it.


Karine said...

Welcome home, Melissa! I am sure Emmitt was happy to see you.

Sorry I couldn't make it out to see you - since I really did want to. If my husband hadn't been home I would have come. He was having none of the driving. I hope I get another chance!

Your booth looks wonderful! tzlgf!

Rebecca said...

Great to see you playing as hard as you work!

cowbelly said...

I am so happy or your but also so jealous! La Jolla is one of my favoritist places in the world. Can't wait to see the pics!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

That Emmitt is too cute! I lived in La Jolla for a whole summer when I was a teenager. I LOVED San Diego! FUN FUN in the sun!

Happy day,

Nancy Medina said...

Oh Melissa - how wonderful that you got to visit San Diego and Mindy and Elvis too!! We are hoping to do the same in August. Thank you for sharing your pictures. It looks like you had a great time. Please kiss and hug Mister Emmitt for me!!
Nancy and the fattypugs in Texas