Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Meet our Newest Pug Friends and an Award

Meet our new friend, Clover.

She is a very smart puggy who lives in Canada. She has a wonderful blog called Clover's Adventures that shows us all the new things she is learning and doing everyday.

Like learning to swim!

Clover was so sweet to honor us with this blog award!
Emmitt and I are so excited that we would like to share it with our friend...

His mom, Nancy Medina is an extremely talented artist. She has a new blog called Outside the Lines where she shares her art, pug stories of her famous pugs, Howie, Annie and Java and their special angel pug sister, Winnie.
and wonderful rescue stories of the pugs she has met over the years and seen go to wonderful forever homes.

Here is a picture of their friend, Killer, learning to swim at a pool pawty!
Look at that face!
Please welcome Nancy to the blogosphere. She would love to meet you!

Emmitt says, he does not know how to swim, but this is what he would do if he knew how and had a pool!

Have a great day!


Nancy Medina said...

Thank you Aunty Melissa for givin me a big award fur mommy's blog, since I do all the work. I'm glad somebuddy appreciates all the pain and sufferin I have to endures all the time wearing hats and living with Annie SmellyBelly. Does this award come with food?
your good pal,
Bad Pee

Clover said...

Hi Emmitt and Melissa!
Thanks for posting about me today! I will try to send you some info for your newsletter too - you asked for that, right?
Love Clover xo

Tara Ross Studios said...

this post made me smile. Isn't the internet great!

Nevis said...

Wonderful lovely photos. I cannot imagine my pugs swimming but now I want to see!

Nevis said...

BTW, I got my absolutly GORGEOUS heart charms in the mail...and they're so gorgeous I'm in a quandry waht to do with them. I was going to encorporate them into a scrapbooking layout but now I want to wear them on a necklace! *laugh* Such decisions!

TwoPugs said...

Great post and pictures! We were very impressed with Killer's swimming abilities. Pearl has tried to swim and it only freaks her out!

Karine said...

Such fun, Melissa. I needed the smiles.

Nabeel said...

the first picture is a pretty nice post. Congratulations on the graduation. What did she graduate in?

The Devil Dog said...

That is a great award. We will go say hi after we finish here. Lucky wants me to tell Emmitt that swimming is real easy. (I hate it, but she loves it, go figure.)


Diana Evans said...

Hi Melissa...what fun! these photos are awesome....Minnie loves to swim and has ventured many a time to the middle of our lake up's a riot watching her...heheheh

PugNYC said...

we love looking at clover's blog! such a stud of a pug!