Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Favorite Fun Gadget!

Have you ever found a gadget that really does make your life easier? I am a big believer in cool gadgets. It is just hard to find ones that really are cool.
Well... The FlipFold is the coolest thing since sliced bread! Have you ever wanted your closet to look neat and tidy and have it stay that way?

I thought I would never achieve the neatness of department store t-shirt displays until I found the FlipFold! I know it is probably a strange wish to have, but as hard as I always tried to fold my shirts to the same size so that they would stack nicely, I could never do it. Same story with my linen closet. Sheets, towels, pillow cases, never stacked up nicely until I found this wonderful gadget! It folds all items, no matter what size they are into the same size at the end of the flipping process, pressing out air and kind of ironing them as you go!

First lay your shirt, back side up on the flipfold.

Then flip the right panel.

Next, flip the left panel.

Now you have both sides flipped in it is time to finish the fold by bringing the bottom up to meet the top.


And now it is perfectly folded...

Ta Da!

When I got my FlipFold I literally took all of my shirts off their hangers and folded them neatly to stack on my shelf. I can easily find my shirts now and I saved a ton of space in my closet.

See... I can FlipFold all of my pugs! :)
Emmitt just watches me while I FlipFold all the laundry each week turning his little head from side to side. I think he can tell I am having fun, he just doesn't understand why! :)


Abby Creek Art said...

I gotta have one of these. Your new puggie shirts look so crisp and perfect now!:)

Nancy Medina said...

Thanks for sharing this uber cool thingy bobber Melissa - does it also remove pug hair? : )
Nancy and the porkypugs

Nevis said...

I totally need to do this. Why? So that my fiance can help out with the laundry!!! :P

Candace Trew Camling said...

don't you basically have to steal them from departments stores! Kidding. I love that you are so excited about it. I know how that goes...the simplest things!

Karine said...

You are so funny. I have had a million different jobs in my life, and one of them was working in a tourist trap where I spent most of the day FOLDING TSHIRTS. The only thing that job did for me is prevent me from ever needing a flipfold!!! ha ha ha

Clover said...

Oh yes, that does look like fun to use! I wish all my things could be folded that nicely too!

Pugs and Kneedles said...

I am loving the flip fold! What a wonderful discovery. I must, must, must have one. It might make laundry fun -- almost. Bet Emmitt is thinking if you had fur you wouldn't have to worry about flip folds! Have a great day and keep on folding!

The Devil Dog said...

That is really cool. Plus, it showcases your designs so nicely. Mom thinks folder laundry could be so much fun with that. I just don't get it. But then I don't need laundry.


Rachel said...

Ok - so when I worked at Banana republic - we used to have these boards - about the size of the flip fold when it's entirely folded up. We laid the board in the middle of the back of the shirt, right under the collar and then folded around it, and pulled the board out of the top of the shirt. Ok....maybe I have to photo illustrate this like you did. Anyways, it's a cheap alternative to the flip fold if anyone has like a clip board or something at home, it works kind of the same way.
Thanks for sharing! I love gadgets too!

Weeny&Daisy said...

OOO mummy loves gadgets too, she saw a video of this a little while back and was facinated, shes very jealous that you have one!

Love Weeny and daisy xx xx

Kathy Weller said...

well, that is super geeky of you ;) ;) (I say that with affection of course) but I *totally* understand. When I worked at Urban, we had boards (like the Banana boards Rachel's talking about -- I actually worked at Bababa too but only for a short time long, long ago.. I digress...) ANYway what my point is (atking a long time to get there now, aren't I?) is that I got REALLY good at crisply folding shirts using the board. It was great training wheels for folding for the rest of the clothes in my life. But sadly the do-it-in-my-sleep crisp folding went the way of the Do-Do soon after I left Urban. I bet if I had a board, I would use it, even now. I just LOVE a crisply folded shirt!!!