Monday, May 19, 2008

A Walk to the Park

We have a wonderful park in our neighborhood that we walk Emmitt to everyday. It is his favorite place to go hunting for popcorn, crackers, left over sandwiches and pizza.

Emmitt has found all of these things there and pulls us there everyday hoping always to find another morsel.

We had perfect weather here in Colorado this weekend. I brought my camera to show you Emmitt's stomping grounds...

Come on ... food is awaiting for me!

Wait! I smell something! It could be pizza!

Nope, it is not pizza, but whatever it is... I want to take it home with me!

Let's keep moving! I know I will find something!

Pleeeeeaze... Can I have a cookie?

I love going to the park!

What a great day!
and the best part is it is lunchtime when we get home!
Love, Emmitt


Abby Creek Art said...

What cute pictures, especially the last one of the three of you!

It WAS beautiful here this weekend, wasn't it? We took Maisie to the South Boulder Trail yesterday afternoon and she got to run around and splash in the creek. She was in heaven!

Rachel said...

Ooh - that looks wonderful! I wish we had such a gorgeous park we could walk to!

Nevis said...

Great pictures! :)

Kari & Kijsa said...

great photos!! The three of you look so cute!!

Check out our post today for a fun freebie magazine offer!!!

kari & kijsa

Nancy Medina said...

Howard wants some of whatever that is that Emmitt rolled in. He said to tell you to mail it PRONTO to:
Howie's House
Tree in Front Yard
Sorry, I'm just the messenger here. Love the photos!!
hugs from Texas,
Nancy and the piggypugs

Ruth Welter said...

Little Emmitt is the cutest guy. It is nice that you have such a beautiful park to take him for daily walks in. One of my friends has a Sheltie who developed a cigarette addiction . LOL She hunts for them on the ground when they go walking. They have had to train her not to pick them up and eat them, because they were making her sick. She had quick the nicotine addiction. : )

Paula @ Pug Hugs said...

What a beautiful park to going walking with Emmitt in. And of course they have got to find the one stinky spot that makes them want to roll in it. Oh I had to laugh at that picture, its a familiarity with Paisley and Smokey too.

Thanks for the tip on Carbonite. Much appreciated!

The Devil Dog said...

Oh, what beautiful weather you are having. It has been on again off again here
and not that warm, either. Yuk!


Kathy Weller said...

Awww, how SWEET!!!!!

I LOVE seeing the photos of you and your family (adorable Emmitt doggie and your guy)!

sweet!!! you look so happy. thanks so much for the smiles!!


Tara Ross Studios said...

beautiful park photos, it was a nice and hot weekend here too.

your flipfold cracks me up!

TwoPugs said...


You are adorable and lucky! Pearl and Daisy don't find anything except grass and dandelions on our walks (which they eat too)

lizzyl said...

Emmitt, that looks like so much fun! We hope you find some yummy treats next time you are there! xo Liz & Henri

PugNYC said...

hahaha i love that third photo of Emmitt

Weeny&Daisy said...

Aww what adorable pictures of you all! We love seeing Emmitt and we hope he found some yummy treats in the park!

Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx