Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bears Wonderful Bears!

Melanie has been busy making more felted lambs wool, cashmere and alpaca wool bears for her Etsy Shop!

I just love this new batch! Each one has a different expression and personality.

They are made of upcycled wool sweaters that I purchase at the wonderful store Resweater.

Kris is wonderful to work with and she has a blog you can visit too.

This one is cashmere

This one is lambswool

They are all so unique!

Joan and Skippy just received the bears they ordered!
Read about their new home!

Another fun project Melanie just completed was making her corgi, Moe, a new set of winter booties!

She made them in two sizes to fit his front and back feet perfectly. She is getting ready to make an inventory of dog booties for her Etsy Shop, so please let me know if you have any special requests for your doggy. She is now taking custom orders.

Moe looks so cute in his new booties and winter coat!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I would be glad to donate some fur to be knit into those bears - WOL!

Furry nice and furry khute!

And pawing of khute, Moe The Khorgi looks GREAT!


Laura said...

I want to hug Moe, he is too darn cute, and especially with his snow booties! Melanie's bears - one is cuter than the next. I laughed at the one with the blue eyes - he almost looks like his eyes are crossed! The furry one is adorable too!

Rachel said...

OMD, Moe looks SO GREAT in that picture!! If we ever got snow down here I would be preordering those booties like crazy, but since it stays a balmy 50-60 degrees, it seems a little unnecessary. I love love love his little jacket - its perfect for him.

Sandra y Coco said...

Hi Melissa, Moe looks great in his coat and booties! The bears are adorable.
Sandra & Coco

Diana Evans said...

Your sister is so talented Melissa!!! just like you...you must have the greatest times making things together....


Nevis said...

Love the orange tweed bear. SUPER cute! And Moe is a rockstar in his sweater!

Karine said...

Those bears rock.
I have always loved the idea of dog booties. I bought some for Pono once, so when I went snowshoeing with him he wouldn't get those ice balls between his toes. (obviously this was when we were still in Colorado!) He let me put the booties on, then calmly sat down and pulled them off with his teeth. The booties lasted a total of 3 minutes! oh well.

Ruth Welter said...

Love your new Pug painting below Melissa...love the happy expression he has on his face.

Melanie's bears are wonderful...can I also say, Moe looks so sweet in his coat and shoes. I'm betting she made those for him...he's adorable.


Manon Doyle said...

The bears are fabulous! Moe is so adorable I'd like to give him a big kiss!

The Devil Dog said...

Those bears are all so cute. They are all so individual. And I think it's about time mom got me some booties!


Puglette said...

oh my! what a bunch of cute photos!! those bears are just adorable! i just love the freeform design of them. and moe in his boots and hudson bay blanket jacket is jut priceless!
thanks for all of the smiles!

Kathy Weller said...

whoa... those little sock bears are tooo cute.. but the corgi is too much. Adorable!!!

Joan said...

Wow - Melanie certainly has been busy with more bears! They are wonderful. As I was viewing each one at a time, I kept saying "Oh, I like that one, and I like that one too, and oh look at this one! I love her bears! They are SO cute. Speaking of cute. MOE looks 1000% Cute and Adorable in his coat and new booties! I am been seeing so many corgi's lately, I'm falling in love with that breed too!!
Pug Hugs to MOE from Skippy!
Have a fun day!
Joan and Skippy

dreameyce said...

Eee! Moe is sooo cute! Love those adorable booties :)

Rebecca said...

How did I miss this adorable shot of Moe? Love that coat.

Tweedles said...

Oh I love those fashionable little booties to keep little footies warm! They would go great with my little sweaters!

Tweedles said...

And the bears! I want everyone of them! So precious and happy looking little things. I am not sure my mommie would let me have them for my own- but she would let me look at them- mommie loves bears, and these bears have eyes, just like me! All the different colors -and looks- just like doggies and people are all different.