Friday, January 09, 2009

Dog Beds ~ New Product 2009!

I am so thrilled to be able to offer you these new premium dog beds!

They are available in 3 sizes to fit any breed. You may choose any of my over 120 pug and dog paintings to create the perfect whimsical resting spot for your dog.

The beds have removable suede covers with a soft chenille back that are machine washable complete with a strong durable zipper for easy on and off care.

The beds are:
  • Available in 3 Sizes: 24 x 30, 30 x 36, 36 x 42
  • Premium suede cover
  • Machine washable
  • Removable outer cover
  • Strong, durable zipper
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • High-lofting polyfill insert
  • Soft brushed chenille back

Emmitt just loves his new bed!

It is as fun for me to decorate my house with it as it is for him to sleep on it.

Emmitt is so excited about his new bed he has been woofing "mine, mine, mine!" all day.

Silly puggy!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Manon Doyle said...

Hi Melissa!
I seem to be the only one up at this! I love the new bed and it looks like Emmitt feels the same way!!
Have a wonderful weekend! : )


Ruth Welter said...

Ow wow Melissa...I love these...will they be offered in other breeds as well??


Ruth Welter said...

Silly me, I see the link now for the other breeds. This is what I get for going visiting in blogland before I'm fully caffeinated in the morning. I love these.


Pearl said...

I LOVE these, Melissa! How adorable is Emmitt on his new bed? He is such a talented model and assistant!

Mare said...

Melissa they are AWESOME! I might have to get one of those...that is...after Pollyanna get's over her bed chewing habit! ;)

Rebecca said...

very nice.the work is printed on actual suede? These must feel yummy.

Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Melissa, your pillows are so fabulous!! Must see if you do cats??!! Glad to discover your work, I look forward to seeing more!!

Laura said...

These beds are soooo adorable, and if you start making them with cats pictures, I'm going to have to hate you! They are almost too nice for a dog to sleep on, but I believe dogs should be spoiled, so why not?!

Nevis said...

LOVE the dog beds, Melissa! They're fabulous!

Diana Evans said...

oh my goodnesssssssss!!! how do you come up with this ....amazing...I am sending my friend a link right now...

Anonymous said...

What a neat idea!!

Maggie and Mitch said...

Emmitt looks pretty happy with his new bed!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Anonymous said...

Great bed are the queen merchandier! I'm sure these are going to be a big hit. Have a great weekend!

Heather said...

Aw, now that's just adorable! And what a dashing model!

Leah said...

o my goodness!!! they're fabulous!!! wonderful, wonderful work, melissa!!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

That is just toooo khute and khool!

What will woo think of next?

Would woo like some Siber fluff to weave into the fibers?


Lisa M Griffin said...

So cute! I love these practical and beautiful. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

Abby Creek Art said...

Maybe Emmitt and Maisie can take a little nappie together?

Love these, M!!

Diane said...

Hi Melissa!
I love these! I think it may be one of your cutest yet. Really precious! Hugs, Diane

Liss said...

How exciting, they look great.

Puglette said...

those are too cute, melissa! i just love the idea of my puggies sleeping on puggy beds. it's just a photo op waiting to happen!

marianne said...

Wow Melissa!
What a stunning addition to your wonderful pug art range!
No wonder Emmitt looks so happy!

Leah said...

I love that!

Clover said...

Hi Melissa and Emmitt! Happy new year! I am excited for all your new products you are introducing this year - I will direct mom to your site for some shopping. :)
Love Clover xo

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Ha ha I have been up at 1 am thinking it was 6 am then at 3 am, it must be the moonlight! The bed is super snuggly!

The Devil Dog said...

Those are gorgeous! Really and truly. And so practical! That is a hit for sure.


Kim said...

Hi Melissa,

Thank you for visiting my blog today. I have to say I feel the same way you feel about Life being Art and Art being Life!

We do not have a dog any longer...our life would not be very fair to a sweet puppy...but we look forward to the day when we can again have a sweet doggie. I am going to be exploring all of your goods, though, as our daughter hopes to be able to get a dog in the near future.

Have a Lovely Weekend, Melissa - you too Emmitt!

Allison (Dog Mom) said...

ooh, these are amazing!! I think I'd have to figure out how to make one look like Waldo, though. Maybe buy a Dalmatian one and paint the white parts gray?

Serves me right for getting an unusually colored Dane!

Joan said...

Melissa, How do you find all these wonderful products to feature your beautiful artwork! AWESOME!!!!
Have a fun day!
Joan & Skippy
(P.S. I told my husband I want to be like Melissa when I grow up!!! Always coming up with fantastic ideas!)