Saturday, August 02, 2008

We're Back from Art Camp!

Melissa & Melanie with our wooden books at Art Camp 2008

Melanie and I just got back from Anderson Ranch Art Camp 2008. We took a book binding class all last week called Wooden Books with Dan Essig.

We had the best time ever! I have lots of pictures to show you, but I wanted to thank everyone for their wonderful birthday wishes for Emmitt.

He had a wonderful day and was dancing and singing when I got home at 9:00 pm last night.

I have missed all of you and promise to get caught up on all of the wonderful things that have been happening with you.

Have a wonderful Saturday and I will post more pictures and tell you all about camp in the coming days!


Ritobear said...

Welcome home!! I'm glad you guys had fun. I can't wait to see what you made at camp!

Tara's Art Camp said...

glad you are back, I missed your comments.
can't wait to see more photos of your class.

Molly the Airedale said...

We can't wait to see your books up close and personal!
We're glad Emmitt's birthday was a happy one! We're sure he missed you lots!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Manon said...

Welcome home! We missed you! I can't wait to see all the pics!!

Unknown said...

Those books look great from far away - I can't wait to see more pictures. The pugs helped celebrate Emmitt's birthday east coast style with some wallymelon!! Have a great weekend!

The Devil Dog said...

Glad you had so much fun! We can't wait to hear all about it.


Sandra Evertson said...

They look wonderful, and Happy Birthday Emmitt! Love the photos of him below, adorable!

marianne said...

Welcome back, glad you had such a wonderful time!