Friday, August 08, 2008

Dogs Rule! A Collaborative Project

I feel very honored to have been included in a wonderful artist collaboration called Dogs Rule.
Jill Beninto put together a wonderful project and invited 12 other artists to each make 14 book pages with the theme of Dogs Rule to create 14 Fat Books to be bound and received by each artist and a 14th book to be auctioned off on Ebay on November 15th to raise money for Bernie Berlin's A Place to Bark to raise money for her amazing shelter that she runs for all breeds of dogs in TN. Jill also contacted The Bark Magazine and they are going to run a spread on our project in the September 2008 issue!

Each book is slightly different than the next. Many of my pages feature PUGS!
Here are just a few of the wonderful pages that you could own too if you would like to bid on the very special 14th book.

by Jamie Pflughoeft of Cowbelly Photography

by Linda O'Neill of Abby Creek Studios

by Manon Doyle of Hoochie Poochie Studios

by Wendy from 2 Dog Studio

Here are all of the artists websites and blogs.

Manon Doyle of Hoochie Poochie Studios , blog
Jill Beninato of Sit Stay Smile Photography, blog
Jamie Pflughoeft of Cowbelly Photography, blog
Leigh Jackson of Noisy Dog Studio, blog
Moira McLaughlin of Dream Dogs Art, blog
Melissa Langer of Pug Notes, blog
Linda O'Neill of Abby Creek Studios , blog
Rebecca Lansdowne of Art Paw, blog
Nicole Mlakar-Livingston of Nicole Mlakar Photography, blog
Wendy from 2 Dog Studio, blog
Bernie Berlin from A Place To Bark, blog
Anne Leuck Feldhaus of Anne Leuck Feldhaus Studio Ltd., blog
Kathy Weller of Wellerwishes Illustration, blog

I will show you my page and how I made it tomorrow!


Nevis said...

Wow, how cool is that? First of all, congrats on being invited to be apart of that. :) And the finished project is VERY cool!!!

Duke said...

How awesome everyones work of art is! What a cool book! What an honor to be chosed to be included in this wonderful project!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Ritobear said...

Wow - that book is so cool! What a great way to raise money for the puppies!!!! I can't wait to see what you created for the book.

Unknown said...

What a great project for a wonderful cause! Howie hopes that Emmypants gave it his pug stamp of approval....

artpaw said...

Well shot! I really loved the bonus-fun on the backside of your page.
I have got to shoot mine & blog soon on the project. I loved being involved in this.

Unknown said...

these are amazing and what a great cause!!! you go girl!!!

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Melissa, your book is gorgeous and this is a wonderful cause...I look forward to seeing more about how your book was made.

Have a great weekend.


PS...I was out having dinner tonight with Chris and a lady walked by outside with her 2 pugs...I couldn't help but think of you and Emmitt.

Fannie said...

Thanks for sharing. I'll look for your page tomorrow.

The Devil Dog said...

Those are awesome books. That is a wonderful idea. We hope it sells well on ebay.


Manon said...

What great fun this has been. Thanks for sharing it with everyone!

marianne said...

WOW! This is so cool!
I hope you will raise a lot of money together for the shelter!
Your art is so wonderful, great that you are in this project!
love >M<

Bernie Berlin said...

Loved your page!!
I have a Pug here, looking for a home..
hee-hee, rotten aren't I:)
Big Hugs,