Sunday, October 28, 2007

9 of my Favorite Things

I love this time of year! Change and excitement is in the air with the crisp cool air and beautiful Fall color everywhere you look.
I also love the season of giving and searching for the perfect gifts that will bring people I love a smile.
One of my favorite shows that Oprah creates is a list of her Favorite Things. I always go and click on all the products to see what they are about.
I have always wanted to make a similar list of the things I have found during the year that bring me joy and I want to share.
Here is my list in no particular order:

Abby Creek Art Calendar 2008 - I am so excited that my good friend Linda O'Neil created a desk calendar of her inspiring dog art for 2008. They are available in her Etsy Shop and please also visit her website to see all of her wonderful art.

Peng Peng Bears - Peng Peng makes the most wonderful handmade, collectible mohair bears I have ever seen. Here is a picture of "Mr. Blix" that I got for my sister, Melanie for our birthday. (We are identical twins and turned 39 yesterday. :))

Dog Park Dolls - Speaking of birthday presents... Melanie got me the pomeranian from this collection and I absolutely LOVE it. He is pure joy and makes me smile!

Scary Stories Dolls - I love all of Wendy Gardner's characters! Dig Ivan Dig is my favorite, as he is a pug! I have her dolls all over my office for inspiration.

Sarah Apple Dolls - Sarah is amazing. She combines three of my favorite things, carving, printmaking and sewing. I have purchased her pug dolls and wood/lino carved creations. I love them all.

PZ KUT - Speaking of carving. My favorite stuff in the world is called PZ Kut. I use it to make my hand carved stamps. I created a demo for you to see how I make them.

Yards of Art Paper - I just bought this from Lillian Vernon, and I just love it. For me, it feels like the the never ending possibilities of art and the opportunity to create it.

Think.Jot.Draw Journals - I just found this incredible journal created by Leeza Hernandez. It is the perfect place to write, draw, doodle and express all of your ideas and thoughts and projects. There is nothing else out there like it!

Buddha Boards - Have you ever needed to just create something that brings you joy and keeps you flowing through your day without feeling like it has to "be" something? Well, this is the perfect thing to do it. It is called a buddha board and is my little board of Zen. You paint with water and enjoy your art until it drys and disappears. No commitment, no expectations, just art for the sake of art. It always makes me feel good to paint on my buddha board.

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Ruth Welter said...

Hi Melissa, thanks for talking about Linda's work. I love her paintings...the expressions on her animal portraits are really the best.