Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weaving 101

Melanie, Jodi and I had a great time weaving scarves yesterday! It was fun, relaxing, productive and, we met so many wonderful people in our class. Everyone there was connecting to a passion or life's dream. One couple own a sheep farm in MD and create beautiful fibers for a living. They were in Boulder for a month on vacation taking classes together on weaving, dyeing and felting their beautiful fibers, another woman had a very vivid childhood memory, 53 years ago, of seeing a loom in a family friend's home and reconnected to weaving through the class. She was very inspiring. She not only left the class with a scarf, but she purchased a loom to continue her connection. Our teacher Jane Patrick is another inspiring person. She has been weaving for 36 years. Weaving has been intertwined in her life on so many levels. She and her husband own the Schacht Spindle Co.. It is a story filled with passion for following your heart, being who you are and sharing it with others. Visit Jane's blog, Violet Rose to meet her.

Here are some pictures from our day...

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