Monday, April 29, 2013

Fun Crochet Giraffe Doll ~ Free Pattern

Happy Monday everyone!

I just completed a FUN & fast project that I could not wait to show you!

It is a Goofy...

Isn't he FUN? :)

He is made in basically all one piece which is a very creative part of this FREE Pattern I found online. :)

I like his short Corgi like legs!

Although he does not know it, this giraffe is actually very European! :)

I tried a new wool yarn to make him and I just loved it!

It is a Nordic wool called DROPS.

They have a huge selection of beautiful and wonderfully priced yarn as well as 1,000's of Free and creative knitting and crochet patterns.

The USA Super Store,  is located in CA and is wonderful to shop from online.

I used the Eskimo Dark Yellow Tweed for his body and I really like how it turned out!

His glass eyes are from Germany for a great teddy bear supply company called Pro Bear.

The whole project was so enjoyable to do from beginning to end!

The pattern is very well written and the materials were just dreamy to work with.

To make mine a bit different, I added eyebrows to give him an expressive look, a mane to the back of his neck.
I also made his ears a bit smaller & stick up instead of making them floppy as the pattern shows to do.

I really encourage you to make changes when you feel inspired to in every project you make.

I have learned tons of new things over the years from doing this and always been pleasantly surprised by the results!

Ta Da!

What do you have planned for today?

Please leave us a note and let us know!

We would love to hear all about it!

Melissa & Archie


Meredith LeBlanc said...

What a great goofy giraffe! We love him!

Meredith & Scarlet

Mare said...

Oh Melissa i LOVE your giraffe! I think i will give it a try! Love, mare

Sketching with Dogs said...

He is so sweet, love his eyes!
I hope to make this one day:)
Lynne x

Too Cute Pugs said...

He's very cute! He looks very soft too. I am currently working on a baby blanket for my grand nephew (due August!). I am going to make him a little bear that matches.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

He is sooooo adorables!