Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mission: To Explore New Places Never Been to Before!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I have such a FUN project to share with you today!

I LOVE making custom sweater vests and our friends, The Urban Hounds, had the brilliant idea to make a Star Trek Collection for their family to enjoy!

They have a whole wonderful crew of pugs and other doggies for you to meet on their blog!

We made the 3 colors of shirts for 1 for each member of the crew & a Star Trek Badge to complete the uniforms!

Meet Tubby

Captain Kirk


Lt. Uhura


Mr. Spock

Weasley is a bit bummed that his ears are not pointy and sticking up, but he has been practicing his vulcan mind meld all day and is very impressed with his powers of persuasion! :)

The USS Enterprise!

R-Chee & I love your suggestions and are so happy to go on a special journey with custom designs and colors for you to "Go to Places Where No One Has Gone to Before"!

Thank you Urban Hounds for sharing your joy with us!

We love you and love making your Sweater Vests for you!

I have custom listings set up for both the Size S and Size M Star Trek Sweater Vests for you to easily order them in the color uniform of your choice.

I also have lots of sweater vests available as Ready to Ship Sweater Vests in my Etsy Shop today!

If they are sold out or you do not find the colors and sizes you would like, No Problem!

I am thrilled to make you any color combination that you choose!

Please let me know if you would like me to make you a custom Woofie Warmer, Barkclava Dog Hat or Sweater Vest.

You can make up your own color combos or...

You can see all the possibilities anytime in :

The Sweater Vest Gallery at

The Woofie Warmer Gallery at


The Barkclava Gallery at

I am happy to make any color combos you would like and now also make Monogram, Smile, Love & Peace Squad Badges in my Etsy Shop that you can add to any Sweater Vest, Hat or Neck Warmer!

How Fun!

Please stop by again tomorrow to see...
The Buckeye Inspired Vests we made for Friends, Walter & Beluah in Ohio!


Melissa & R-Chee


Sketching with Dogs said...

Oh my goodness, they are fantastic and the Star Trek Pugs look amazing, they really made me smile :D
Lynne x

Wilma said...

That is such an awesome idea!!!! Time for mom to come up with custom sweater ideas for me and my gang!!!

What Remains Now said...

Love the Urban Hounds! They are a very sophisticated and discerning group and look awesome in your great sweaters.

Meredith LeBlanc said...

OMP, that is the cutest Star Trek crew ever! And that Weasley is really get the mind meld down, I'd bend to his will.

Meredith & Scarlet

tubby3pug said...

We are so so honored to be featured on your blog today. We absolutely LOVE!!!!!!! the sweaters and get so many compliments on them. Of course we love all of our Pug Notes sweaters btu these are the best yet. Thanks so much for making our idea a reality. We love you and ARchie

urban hounds

Laura said...

How creative and adorable!

Idaho PugRanch said...

These are soo cute!! We love Ping in her Lt Uhura!!
Bailey, Hazel & Greta

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh what a perfect idea. All the puggies are so adorable in their sweater vests and we love the colors!