Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Creative Entrepreneur

A DIY Visual Guidebook for Making Business Ideas Real by Lisa Sonora Beam (Author)

I wanted to share an exercise I am doing in one of my fabric journals I been creating over the last couple of months.

I enjoy planning, journaling and writing down my insights, dreams and hopes for the future. I tend to write it in lists and pictures instead of writing formal business or life plans.
I found this guidebook, The Creative Entrepreneur, to be a unique approach to make a business or life plan in a more visual, and in my opinion, fun and free way.

I have completed the first chapter and wanted to show you a few of the pages.

The book begins with questions that you answer in a free flowing 3 minute time span where you just write and do not judge. After you answer the questions, she asks you to leave it alone for a few days and then go back and circle words and phrases that pop out at you that you would like to explore more.
She also encourages you to color and draw on your pages.
I had a great time doing this and have already recognized somethings in my writings that I was aware of I think but had not really put into words. I have found that really interesting and fun.

The next visual exercise is to create a Creative Entrepreneur Mandala. I am excited to see what comes from it. The author describes the mandala as a "great tool for seeing areas that call for further exploration and development. "

I also see it as another opportunity to draw and color. :)

I love this process because everyone is different and connect to themselves and the world around them in an unique way. I think I hear myself best when I am quietly creating something either painting my pugs, crocheting, walking Emmitt or riding my bike.

What ways do you take time to hear what you have to say?

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!


Manon said...

This book is something I'll definitely get! Thanks for sharing Melissa!

sherry carrigan said...

How ironic that two of the blogs I follow posted this book this morning. Someone is silently speaking to me so I must go by the book store this afternoon. Thanks for sharing M.

The WriggleButts said...

Oh! How fascinating! :) I use to say that I find great company in my own head.. I love - and need - time alone to think on a daily basis.. So I actually feel I manage to keep track of what's happening up there fairly regularely... LOL!


Heather said...

very cool! sounds like a great book!

morningDove said...

I had to see who Sherry was saying also posted on their blog about Creative Entrepreneur. looks like you are enjoying your journaling.

Kelly said...

Melissa, this looks like such a fun way to reflect! Strangely enough, I spend a lot of time in my car being reflective. The drives to and from work are always quiet times for me to process my thoughts and feelings on the day. Also, time spent with my Pearl girl is always kind of cleansing to me.

Hope you and your Emmitt have a perfect day. :)

Candace Trew Camling said...

I love what you have to say about hearing yourself...a lot of times it is hard in this crazy place of a world to do that, and you have to seek out the activities that allow it.
Great post Melissa, love looking at the intestines of your journal.

Unknown said...

Hi Melissa...that looks like a great book!!! I will have to get one of those...and your work is wonderful as always...thanks for always sharing all your great ideas with us...


Unknown said...

what a great post and a great question, Melissa. Your question "what ways do you take time to hear what you have to say" really hit me. I have a BA in creative writing and started an MFA (master of fine arts) in poetry last year. I dropped out of the program after getting Clementine - the two dogs, being married and house hunting was too much for me to handle. Since then I have barely taken any time to sit down with my poetry or even to just journal or let myself write anything at all (except blogs, of course). I think it's time I started listening to what I have to say....maybe I'll take some time with my writing this weekend. Thanks for your daily inspirations and creativity. And you guys have a fantastic holiday.

Nevis said...

Very cool, Melissa!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Melissa!

What a cool process... I think I feel a rush on the bookstore coming on!

Happy Day!

Sandra y Coco Pug said...

THANKS MELISSA! you always give us great ideas. I like the book and i thing I should something about my ideas floating always in my head and never finding completion!

Paula said...


I may just have to get that book. Besides enjoying your creations and reading about Emmitt, your whole blog and outlook has been very inspirational to me. Just this morning I was thinking of journaling my thoughts and ideas, you've given me creative ideas to add to it.......thank you, it will most likely come to reality now.


Unknown said...

Paula is right, you are an inspiration, Melissa. I have a favorite teacher who taught me to keep a watercolor journal when I am traveling, and it is so nice to have a creative outlet when you have limited resources on the road. have a wonderful turkey day!
Nancy and the fatties

Unknown said...
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lizzy said...

I heard about this book, but did not realize it was so hands-on! It looks like a great resource and I'm definitely going to check it out! Happy Thanksgiving!

Fannie said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Melissa!

Thanks for sharing. Will need to see if I can borrow this from my library. Enjoyed your post and lovely art journaling.

Puglette said...

Happy Thanksgiving Melissa!
Hugs to you and your family!

Jill Beninato said...

This book looks so cool...thanks for sharing!