Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday Fun!

Happy Friday everyone! I wanted to share some fun art with you that just makes me happy.

The little bird painting above is my first fabric painting collage that I made for my friend Fannie for her birthday. She gave me these wonderful water soluble wax pastels that you can use to draw with on fabric and then add water to make them look like paintings.

I drew/painted the bird and used my sewing machine to add the leaf border. The final touch was to collage some fabric flowers for a little extra flare. It was so fun to create!

Here is a tutorial Fannie put together which really inspired me.

Speaking of collage and paintings...

"Inner Circle #8"
6" x 7" acrylic and collage on canvas

My dear friend Linda gave me this gorgeous painting for my birthday. I hung it in my sewing room and I just adore it! Thank you Linda!
and look at this wonderful gift I just received from Bogart's mom, Sara!

It is a wonderful mat and frame that I filled with Emmitt photos!
I put in my bookshelf in my office and I just love it!
I chose Emmitt photos from puppyhood until now and the whole collage just makes me smile!
What a wonderful way to celebrate my Emmitt everyday!
Have a great weekend everyone!


The WriggleButts said...

Have a great weekend! I love that bird painting! So cute - and so is the frame with all the Emmitt pictures (of course).


sherry carrigan said...

Melissa, your collage is great. Those painting crayons are awesome to work with and Fannie is just the best. Your painting and photo mat are wonderful.

Laura said...

Emmitt's collage is so sweet! And I love your painting. Dang, you got the talent gene!

Manon said...

Your painting and the collage are so cute! I love the gift from Linda!

Unknown said...

ooooh - I love that mat - does she sell that anywhere?

Lori said...

Oh my that little bird collage is awesome! Love! :) Nice work as always Melissa.

Mare said...

I just found your blog tru PengPeng's site. What a wonderful little pug you have! I have a new puppy- a pug/chihuahua mix, named Pollyanna. I love her to pieces!
I've added your blog to my daily reads list! I LOVE your fabric bird collage piece!

Lisa M Griffin said...

Great job on this pillow. What a lovely gift for Fannie, from such a thoughtful friend. And it looks like you have discovered a fun, new, medium to dabble in as well. Give Emmitt a big ole rub on the noggin from me and have a good weekend. =)

Linda O'Neill said...

Thank you, Melissy! I'm so happy the painting is in your house you and Emmitt can look at it.:)

Puglette said...

Hi Melissa! Your little bird collage is so sweet! You really are one talented lady. I love your little display sweet!
Have a fun and crafty day!

Peng Peng said...

Little bird painting is wonderful! You have a great weekend too!

Phyllis Dobbs said...

Melissa, I love your bird collage and the colors you used! I also want to try some fabric collages - on my to do list. You have some very nice friends when it comes to birthdays as your gift from Linda is also gorgeous!

Heather said...

How neat! Your painting is just beautiful!~

Heather said...

How neat! Your painting is just beautiful!~

marianne said...

What a lovely gift you made for Fannie!
Seems like you both had your birthdays, congratulations!
The gifts you have received are wonderful as well!
Isn´t it nice to be surrounded by al these beautiful things!

Have a nice weekend Melissa!

Tara's Art Camp said...

love the little birdie,,,, and his little nosey!

Joan Princing Art said...

That little birdie is so cute! There are so many wonderful products out there for us! I've never heard of the water soluble wax pastels to look like paintings for fabric! Looks like fun. I must have overlooked something - Happy Be-lated Birthday to both you and Melanie!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Joan and Skippy

Molly the Airedale said...

You do such wonderful work, Melissa.
We love visiting your blog to see what your next project is! Do you ever sleep?!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Anonymous said...

very sweet photo collage Melissa!

Unknown said...

Love the collage, Melissa! What fun things! I especially like the painting of Linda's (of course), and that pug mat and frame is great!

The Devil Dog said...

What a great art day. We love it all!