Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Dog Art Auction, A Contest and Friends!

I have lots of fun stuff to share with you today!

The first thing is to announce that the Dogs Rule Book Auction has finally begun. Remember that wonderful collaborative project I was in with 12 other artists this summer? Well, the 13th copy is up for auction to raise money for A Place to Bark.

If you wanted your very own copy, here is your chance to get it and help a wonderful dog and cat shelter in TN run by one of the artists, Bernie Berlin. Please click here for your chance to have your own copy of Dogs Rule!

Rebecca Collins of Art Paw made this wonderful video introducing you to Bernie, A Place to Bark and the inside details of the Dogs Rule Book and artists who created it.

The page I created for the book.

The second exciting thing I get to share is that another one of the artists that created the Dogs Rule Book, Moira McLaughlin, is running a contest on her blog, Dog Art Today.
Email her a picture of your dog before Tuesday, November 18th for her Dog Art Today Flickr Album and you will be entered in her contest to win a free mug!

Click on the picture below to get all of the details...

and the final exciting bit of news is that another one of the talented artists from the Dogs Rule book project came to Colorado last week and we got to meet and have some coffee in front of the beautiful Boulder, CO landscape.

Rebecca Collins runs Art Paw and is also a talented Vlogger and Blogger. She is the wonderful artist who interviewed me about Pug Notes a few months ago and who made the video above about the Dogs Rule Project.

It was so fun to meet her and her husband Dan in person. I love the network of friends I have met over the years over through blogging and Pug Notes.

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and shares their lives, dogs and stories with me. You make my world a wonderful place to be.

Happy Sunday everyone!


Ritobear said...

I love your journal pages! How cool! What fun projects.

Diane said...

I love your page, Melissa. This is very cool to be interviewed for this. Love all your puggies!

Too Cute Pugs said...

Ooh, contests! Thanks for letting us know, Melissa. I'm going to scoot off right now and enter.

Puglette said...

Hi Melissa, You are so right about the wonderful people out in blog land...what a great opportunity to meet the people who share their thoughts with us.
Thank you!!

Moira said...

Hi Melissa - Thanks for posting about my contest. So cool you got to meet Rebecca and Dan in the "real world." I love the Internet!

JudyMackeyart said...

Hi Melissa,
There's always so much info on your blogs - thank you for sharing.
I'll have to check it out.
You're right about friends through blogging - one forgets that there are people on the other side of all the comments and what nice people they are - like you!
Have a wonderful remained of Sunday,

artpaw said...

Hey girl, thanks for the shout-out and the youtube embed. Yay I hope we raise a lot of money for Bernie's group A Place to Bark. I checked over at ebay this a.m. and the book has quite a few bids already. Hope you have a relaxed Sunday with Emmitt & Fred.

Manon said...

You were so lucky to meet Rebecca! Maybe we'll all get together some day!

Unknown said...

How cool - art paw is pawesome!! How do you always get to meet so many interesting and talented friends Melissa.
hugs from Texas!

Unknown said...

Hi Melissa...that page you made for the book is amazing!!! I am thrilled when I see artists share their work for a cause...wonderful Melissa!!!

I also love all the wonderful links you added to the post today....and you always seem to be so so busy!!! I love it

Have a wonderful day!


The Devil Dog said...

Your post is great, but we are too busy laughing over the Obama "new puppy" speech. Sorry. Neat about the contest and you meeting Rebecca in real life.


Sandy Mastroni said...

Rebecca looks like such a sweet person
and wow Melissa
I feel the same about you !
so happy to know you
so happy to visit your blog and see you and Emmitt and all the interesting things you do
Thank you !

Lisa M Griffin said...

What a wonderful project and lovely share. It is true how many supportive, inspiring, talented and just down right amazing people you meet through blogging. Thanks for sharing Melissa and give your holiday elf a big ole hug from me.

Kelly said...

Melissa, what a wonderful post! We just popped over to the Pug Notes site for the first time ever, and we must say... you are SO talented!

You are right about all of the wonderful people who are blogging. Thanks for being one of them. :)

marianne said...

Hi Melissa!
What a wonderful post!
Hope the dog book sells well. Love your page in it!
And so nice to meet blogging friends in real!