Monday, November 24, 2008

Emmitt's Thoughts...

Emmitt here today talking to you about my thoughts about...

I love yarn! Whenever my mom is crocheting, I promptly sit right in the middle of all of it. It is so soft and it is comfy!

Here I am helping my mom get ready to package her first bear up for The Mother Bear Project. Amy from this wonderful organization thought I would look cute on her website with our donation, so here I am!

We have just started our second bear. I helped mom pick out the colors. :)

A question to all of you puggies and doggies out there... What things do you like "helping" your pawrents with? I cannot wait to hear all about it!

Happy Monday Everyone!


Manon said...

Awwww! Emmitt loves the bear!
I try and help my mom do yoga but she gets annoyed because my downward dog is way better that hers. Can't help it if I'm super flexible and she's not. She better get up super early to beat me in this department!

Salinger The Pug said...

Hi Melissa and Emmitt!

We love the close ups of Emmitt! SO cute!

Let's see...I like helping mommy do her crunches by sitting on her chest or head.

I help with laundry by stealing socks and dryer sheets.

I help mommy keep the kitchen floor clean by licking everything that falls on it.

I help keep mommy warm by sitting in her lap a lot.'ll be happy to know that you've inspired mommy to try knitting again! She learned once a long time ago, but then forgot, but Mimi (her mom) taught her again. I "helped" mommy make me a scarf by tugging at the yard while she was trying to work on it! NOW...she got to the end and can't remember how to "finish" it so it's stuck on the needles! I need to help her find some instructions on YouTube or something so I can help her get it off the needle!

See....I'm a GOOD helper!

Love and kisses to you both and have fun getting ready for TURKEY DAY!


Mare said...

I asked my pack and here is what they had to say...
Gipetto- i like to keep the energy level in the room calm with my peaceful sleeping pose, and by snoring, like a mantra....
Zinnia- i make sure everyone is safe, anywhere, all the time, constantly...yeahyeahyeah!!!
Pollyanna- i like to help mom when she knits by sitting on her lap and pulling on the loose pieces of yarn to make sure her stitches are nice and tight!
We love you Emmitt!!! The pack~G,Z,and P

Unknown said...

Winston and Clementine like to help me cook dinner every night. They stand by my feet at the stove in case anything falls - they will be there to clean it up.

Linda O'Neill said...

Hi M! That is the cutest bear...but Emmitt is even cuter! xox

Kelly said...

Hi M & E!!!

LOVE the pics, Emmitt!

I helped Mommy do a little knitting this weekend! I sat RIGHT on her ball of yarn, that way it would stay warm. And I thought the purple scarf she is working on REALLY needed some of my white furs in it. Just for an added kick! I am Mommy's special helper! :)

Mare said...

Hey Melissa, my new pug dolls are featured on my blog today! Thought you might like to stop by and see how they are doing! They seem to be happy here.. ;)

lizzy said...

oh my god I'm having heart palpitations looking at the cuteness of emmitt snuggling with that adorable bear!

i love your crochet designs melissa! and emmitt is such a good helper!

henri likes to help me sew, too. whenever there is fabric out he thinks it's his job to sit right in the middle of it. he also enjoys bringing out his toys and starting to play whenever i start up my yoga video (also laying on the mat), and generally following me around the house anytime i leave a room for more than 2 minutes! he is the best companion! :)

marianne said...

Ahh so cute! How sweet of you to donate to this project! The kids have such happy faces!
And dear Emmitt helping you to be inspired!
Keep up the good work Melissa and Emmitt!
hug >M<

Unknown said...

Meiby loves to sit on my lap when I'm crocheting... right on top of my work or yarn- Meiby's not in the way, the yarn is! She also loves to move around alot, bringing yarn across the room with her because somehow she gets it hooked around her tail. Silly pugs!

Clover said...

Emmitt! You are SO CUTE! My mom wants to pick you up and hug you!!
I just love your bear project too. I love helping my parents with everything. I sit on laundry when they are trying to fold it, I sleep on their arms when they are trying to type on the computer... I chase their feet when they try to rake or sweep, I help dig in the garden, etc. I am a pretty helpful pug. :)
Love Clover xo

Tara's Art Camp said...

that Emmitt, what a personality!!!

Bailey helps me by getting all the dog toys out of her basket, she knows the name of each one!

We call it the "go get" game!

Ruth Welter said...

If I haven't already told you Melissa...and maybe I have but it bears repeating :0 , your bear is wonderful and I can see that little Emmitt is enjoying himself in the company of your bear as well. Adorable.


Unknown said...

Oh he is the sweetest!!! I just love Emmitt....what a cutie pie!!!

and you have a big heart that just keeps giving...Bless you all!!!


Diane said...

Oh Melissa, this was the sweetest post. I LOVE hearing about life through our pets. That Emmitt is a real charmer. If I was there..I'd kiss him! xoxox Diane

Molly the Airedale said...

You're such a good helper, Emmitt! We both love helping our mom cook!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Paula said...

Emmitt you look so cute with bear, can I buy you too?

Bandit, Paisley, and Smokey like to help me keep the floor clean by picking up any crumbs that fall on it they are also really good at helping me keep warm and cuddling with me on the couch. Paisley especially is a big help in the morning getting me up and at it, I don't need an alarms, she lets me know with her whine it is time to rise and Pretty dependable with her timing too.

Peng Peng said...

emmitt is looking especially cute today! Even tho i am a non-puggie owner (i was a cat momma) my kitties liked to help me wake up in the morning with a paw tap, and also round us up when it was time for bed!

sherry carrigan said...

They are both so adorable! I miss my Harley (Min Pin).

The Devil Dog said...

Those photos are so cute. Emmitt is such a good puggie. He is so cute.
I like to keep mom warm in bed. She counts on me, you know.


Ritobear said...

I want to SQUEEZE Emmitt right now!!!! He is adorable!

The bear is cute, too! I ordered the pattern and I will attempt to make one when the pattern arrives. HA!

Pugsley says he helps me by warning me when the trash man is coming to steal my garbage... he doesn't understand why I don't do anything about it!! He also helps me keep my feet warm by laying on them. :)


Manon said...

Hey Melissa!
I've been tagged and now I'm tagging you! Please don't feel obliged but the rules are on my blog if you're into it!

-manon : )

Fannie said...

Emmitt is so cute. Lovely bear. What a big heart you have, Melissa!

Unknown said...

Emmitt, you're such the deep thinker, and so helpful. Howie helps by farting on mama when she's holding him in her lap. Tonight especially, after his Turducken dinner! The bear project is awesome and your little bears are so cute Melissa.
happy turkey day and lots of hugs to you and emmypants from across the miles....

Liss said...

That is such a sweet post. Nixon and Fatty like helping wrap presents and Fatty loves to help John surf the internet. Ricky loves to help me feed the cats. Herbie just likes to help my day go better with cuddles.

I love the bear! You should make one with a pug head, that would be soooo cute!

Joan Princing Art said...

Hey Melissa, Hey Emmitt!!!

Emmitt you ARE SO CUTE!!!! I LUV the second pic from the top! Way too adorable. As for Ms. Helper Skippy - she is wonderful at reminding us when it is time to open the pantry door to get her food and feed keep in mind...dinner time is at 6:00 p.m....and she will start her 'requesting' (which is barking and twirling) at 3:00...4:00...5:00 and many times in between! A pug's gotta do what a pug's gotta do, right!
Have a Happy Day!
Joan & Skippy

The WriggleButts said...

Hi Emmitt! You're one helpful dude. I actually like to help my Mom with everything.. I'm rarely more than a meter or two from her feet at any given time (exept when the cruel servant leave me home alone). But if I had to choose it would be helping her write on the computer (I lovingly assist the movements of her hands by placing my snoring head on them or the keybord) or helping her cook - I clean up the off-cuts!


Puglette said...

Hi Emmitt and Melissa,
thepuppies are very helpful in our house. Charlie keeps my head warm every night by sleeping on my pillow, she leans her little head against mine. Ollie makes sure hubby knows he is loved and safe by spending every possible moment right next to dad, on his lap and by his side at night. Honey protects us from the pugs, the toughest job of all!

I got my mother bear pttern in the mail yesterday! I am so touched by this project and can't wait to start making bears. That is an interesting pattern!