Saturday, November 15, 2008

Art Appreciation!

I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many talented people who inspire me! I love to visit people's blogs and see what they are up to everyday. Two of my favorite artists recently had art giveaways and guess what?... I won!

Meet Brenda Pinnick

Both Brenda and Robin are artists who are not only masters of their craft but are also brilliant business women as well. I learn something new from them everyday! Thank you both for the gorgeous Giclee prints. How did I get so lucky?

Melanie has been busy creating too. She made this beautiful plate embellished with an applique fabric center and also completed another project that she has been working on for 5 years...

... an amazing wool embroidery!

Her stitches are just perfect. This piece is large measuring 15 x 18 framed.

I had alot of fun framing it for her as I used to be a picture framer many years ago. :)

I am so lucky to know so many wonderful people and get to appreciate their individual talents. It makes amy life a wonderful place to be!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Ritobear said...

OOoo such pretty stuff! Melanie ROCKS with her projects. I love the idea of a fabric center on the plate, and her embroidery is beautiful!!!! Emmitt has a very talented family!

Robin Pedrero said...


Thank you! I am so glad you won. I am tickled that you luv it! The aspect of learning so much as a business woman is mutual.

Oh I luv that fabric too!

Anonymous said...

thank you for the linky love, the kind words and I'm glad you won the print mainly because through it, I met you! YOU inspire ME!

Brenda Pinnick

Laura said...

If we're talking about talent, you and your sister only have to look in a mirror! I'm amazed at all the good stuff you two know how to do! Congrats on your nice winnings!

Heather said...

congratulations! What pretties :D

Ruth Welter said...

What lucky give aways to have won Melissa...I must go check out their sites.

I really love your sister's plate with the fabric center, she is so creative, just like you.


marianne said...

The print is awesome! lucky you!
It is great to be surrounded by all these lovely things.
The embroidery is wonderful! My grandma was so good at this and I learned it as a child.

Have a nice weekend Melissa!

Paula said...

Beautiful prints! Lucky you!

Molly the Airedale said...

Congratulations, Melissa on winning the prints! They're just lovely!
We also LOVE the wool embroidery! It's gorgeous - a family heirloom!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mare said...

Thanks for introducing me to such interesting artists! It is so inspiring to see what others are creating out there!

Manon said...

Congrats on winning the prints!
Both you and Melanie are talented sisters! It's great to have such creativity in your family!