Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fun News!

My hand carved stamps are going to be published!

I am so excited! I just received the news that my hand carved pug stamped cards will be in a new book, 1000 Handmade Greeting Cards.

I entered the contest through a post I read on Etsy. I believe they are still accepting entries, and the book will be published sometime next year.

Speaking of carving stamps, I had the pleasure of carving Miss Maisie for my friend, Linda.

It is fun to change the effect by printing them on different color and textures of paper.

Here are 3 cards I made and the stamp itself carved out of PZ-Kut.

Here is a Stamp I made of my sister's corgi, Moe.

And my favorite stamp I created, a self portrait of me and Emmitt.


The Devil Dog said...

That is awesome. Those are awesome. You are awesome. We all like you a lot and think you are tremendously creative and very cool

Roxy, Lucky, & Mom

Ruth Welter said...

Melissa, that is wonderful...a big congratulations to you. The stamp that you made for Linda is beautiful. I also really like the one of you and Emmitt.

The 3 Tzus send their hellos to little Emmitt.

Peng Peng said...

Fantastic news & Congrats!! I love making handcarved stamps too, aren't they addictive? those puggy tags just crack me up, what faces :O)
give your pugs a tummy rub from me!

Moira said...

Congratulations on your inclusion in the hand-made card book! Very well-deserved. Glad I could inspire you to have what looked to be a fabulous day of art in Denver. Have a great vacation and happy new year : )

Moira & Darby