Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Best Gift ... Ever!

I received the most wonderful, generous, and beautiful present from my friend Linda.

She painted my Emmitt and surprised Fred, Emmitt and me with it yesterday. She created it from a photo she took of Emmitt this Fall and even collaged one of my paintings in as a charm on his collar. My heart just sings with joy everytime I see it. I hung it in the most visable and accessible place in the house so I can see it upclose all of the time.

Thank you again Linda. I will cherish this painting forever! :)

Happy Holidays!


laura said...

What an amazing gift! It really captures Emmitt and his playfulness. I just love the "art within art" going on with your painting as a part of Linda's painting!

Abby Creek Art said...

It was a pleasure to paint the most handsome dog in the world! Love the pics, Melissa...I think the last one is my favorite because Emmitt looks like he's laughing.:)

'Tart said...

What a wonderful and amazing painting your friend has made for you. It is just the 'spittin image!' What a wonderful gift.

I bought a fawn pug cutting board for the kitchen from you a while back - and I just wanted to say that I still love it so!

I get your mailings and that is how I knew about your blog and may I say you are doing a great job.

I have my own and will sign in with that login, thereby keeping my name anonymous.

But I love reading and watching the 'art life' and in some ways, I get to lead it myself.

I have plenty of furbabes, Emma the Apricot Pug, Reese the Gorgeous (and unbelievably rescued) Siamese. I'm working on furbaby three, hoping to add a black pug. We're excited.

Thanks for the work that you do and the beauty that, you, and artisans everywhere, bring.

Joy Logan said...

WOW Linda what a nice person you are. What a handsome dog to paint!