Friday, May 02, 2014

Friday Funnies ~ My Perfect Pug Feet

Happy Friday everyone!

It is me...

Here I am smiling because I convinced my momma that she does not need to make me any more slippers to warm up my little pug toes.

The last time she made me some I had to wear them and it was not my favorite thing to do! :)

So I suggested that we spend the weekend making her some to enjoy!

She loved that idea and here they are!

Look how happy her feet look in them!

...and look how happy my foot looks not being in them!

Tee Hee!

The fact is that even though most pugs and people love to have their feet warm and toasty all day, I like to have mine fully accessible!

No momma, you cannot have my pug toes even by giving me a treat unless...

You put the treat on my pug toes! :)

Tee Hee!

Happy Friday everyone!

We have two very special guests coming to play on Sunday afternoon!


I cannot wait!

What FUN things do you have planned?

Please leave me a note and tell me all about it!

I cannot wait to hear!

yer pal,


tubby3pug said...

such cute feetsies

retro rover

tubby3pug said...

such cute feetsies

retro rover

Mr. Pip said...


Sketching with Dogs said...

Love your new slippers, so cozy!
Aww Archie, you are such a good boy, I know 2 pups who couldn't wait to eat that treat.
Have fun on Sunday.
Dip and Elliot x

Payton's mom said...

Your feet are super cute, but so are your mom's slippers! Enjoy your guests and the weekend!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Yay,, yay,, yay,, you gots a treat on your paw!! Good job Arche!
I don't blame you-- you need to keep your paws free!!
But we love those slippers your momnma made,, and there are no words to describe how much!