Monday, March 12, 2012

Easy Crochet Picture Frame Tutorial ~ Free Pattern

Hi everyone!

I am so excited to share this new FUN tutorial & FREE pattern I just wrote to create your very own crocheted picture frames!

This project is so fun, fast and 100% customizable to your needs and style preferences.

I chose to make an 8 x 10 frame with a 2.5" border around to reveal about a 3" x 5" photo opening.

You could easily change this by making the outside dimensions larger or smaller or making the crocheted border frame a different size to make the photo window bigger or smaller.

A fun idea to is to create a weighted bottom to your frame by crocheting the top and side dimensions of the frame the same while making the bottom longer to create a weighted look.

I made this 8 x 10 frame from my favorite yarns, Amazing Yarn and Tweed Stripes from Lion Brand but you can use any yarn you would like.

You can also make the frame to be any size you would like by adjusting the number of stitches in your starting chain to fit the length of the inside board that you choose.

The weight of the yarn and size of the hook you choose will also affect your gauge so please just use my measurements as a guideline and adjust from there to make it work for your project.


Favorite yarn of choice

(I used Lion Brand Amazing yarn for the front and Tweed Stripes for the back)

Wood, foam core or cardboard cut to the size of the frame you would like to create.

(I used an 8 x 10 wood board)

Mylar photo pocket or page protector cut down to size.

Yarn Needle

Favorite Hook
of choice (I used an I hook)

Free Pattern:

ch 28 (or to the length that covers your board (ex 8" for 8 x 10 frame)

Top border: sc across the chain, ch 1 and turn (I continued this until i reached 2.5")

1st Side border: 8 sc , ch 1 and turn for 4" down one side (creates a 2.25" strip that is 4" long) end yarn.

2nd Side border: Join yarn on other side and repeat 8 sc, ch 1 turn for 4" down the other side.

Bottom border: sc across 8, ch 10, sc 8 (I continued this for 2.5" to make an even border but you could make it longer to give it a weighted feel.)

Back of frame: Join desired yarn and sc across, ch1 and turn.

Repeat until the long side of your board is covered with a bit of room to snuggly fit the back board that you will use as your frame. (I crocheted 10.5" for the back to cover the 10" board that is 3/4" thick)

See photos below for a more visual guide...

Top and one side is crocheted

Once the two sides are created sc across one side (8 sc in this example) ch 10 (or desired length for opening) 8 sc, ch1 turn

Sc across for 2.5" or desired weight for bottom of frame.

You can display the frame in a horizontal or vertical orientation.

This is what your frame will look like after the front and back a crocheted.

Once your frame is crocheted we can finish it off with the steps simple steps below to complete your project!

Fold the back behind the front piece.

Insert your board of choice.

(I used a wood board that is 8 x 10 and 3/4" thick)

Cut a long piece of yarn and thread your yarn needle.

Sew the front and back together around the 3 open ends around your inserted board.

Insert your desired photo into your Mylar pocket and tape it onto your board through the frame window.

Front of frame

Back of frame

Ta da!

Your crocheted picture frame project is complete!

I made one for Emmitt and one for Archie!

I love the warmth and richness of the yarn surrounding them!

You can put your new frame on an easel, a shelf like I did, or attach a sawtooth hanger on the back and hang it on the wall.

I cannot wait to make more in different colors and sizes!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you make one too.

I would love to see and feature it on my blog!




tubby3pug said...

Very pretty!

Urban Hounds

Sketching with Dogs said...

They are just gorgeous!
I am most definitely going to make one (or more) of these.
Thank you so much for sharing your pattern and tutorial with us all.
Lynne x

Millie and Walter said...

What a cool project. I'm not handy with the yarn stuff, but it is fun to see what you create.


Pug Slope said...

That's a great project! My 'rents have like gajillions of photos of me on their computer, time to print some out and get them some yarn!


carol l mckenna said...

Very creative ~ love the frames ~ magic ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (Magical Monday Meme)

Mare said...

Melissa, you are amazing..You are ALWAYS creating and making this world a more Beautiful, mare

Molly the Airedale said...

How cool is that! Your picture frames are just beautiful, Melissa, and so perfect for you!

Love ya lots,

Valerie Rehrman said...

And what else would you put in a picture frame but a picture of a pug!!!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

We love the colors and design too!
Its so pleasant to look at!
They are magnificent!
You have so much fun making stuff...
And everything you make is beautiful.
Thank you for showing us how to do it.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Very clever! The photos look great in the crocheted frames.