Monday, March 26, 2012

Archie Comes out of his Shell

Happy Monday everyone!

It is me...

Last Monday I got to introduce you to my new Walrus friend, Whiskers!

He is a shy and quiet little guy and needs a slower friend than me to keep him company during the day while I am outside eating rabbit poop , um I mean... playing. :)

So my momma pulled out her crochet hook and Voila...

I am so excited to introduce you to another new friend!

Seth the Snail!

Isn't he cute?

My momma created him from another wonderful pattern she got from the same artist that she found the pattern for Whiskers the Walrus!

My momma loved making him!

The shell was so fun to make and she is really impressed with how realistic it turned out!

Here it is from all different angles before Seth moved in!

He is very happy in his new home!

Lucky for me, Seth just met another new friend, my birthday Slug, Simon!
They enjoy long slow discussions when Whiskers is napping. :)
That is good news since they tend to tattle on me to my pawrents on my daily rabbit poop patrol , um... playtime activities.
I can have my fun while they have theirs and no one is the wiser!
Ha! Ha!
What do you have planned for today?
Please leave me a note and let me know!
I cannot wait to hear all about it!


Macintosh Mitch said...

How cute Seth is! You sure have lots of neat friends, Archie!

Love ya lots

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Love Seth the Snail and all your creations ~ thanks, namaste ^_^

ps. ~ you might want to link up with my Magical Monday Meme for all types of creative people ~ or not. Thanks ^_^

harrispen said...

It is amazing how realistic that shell looks and it is all crochet!


♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Awwww, Seth is just adorable. Once again, your Mom shows just how very talented she is!

Have a great week.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Payton said...

Oh my pug! My mom and I can't get over how amazing Seth's shell is. Wow!
Mom will be making my food today so I have supervising to do. Hope you have a great Monday, Archie!

Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

Seth is so wonderful, we love his shell!
If you want a change from rabbit poop, duck poop is equally delicious!
Dip Bridge and Elliot x

Mr. Pip said...

Oh how sweet, now he has a little friend!

Your pal, Pip

Meredith LeBlanc said...

Wow! That Seth the Shell is awesome Archikins! But rabbit poop? Not so much...

Meredith & Scarlet

pauline said...

Love the snail, the seashell, Seth, but especially love that cute little face in the first pic... Archie. OMG... if i had a cute little dog like that, i'd spend my whole day wanting to cuddle that cute little face. So basically, i'd get nothing else done, and the dog would suffocate.

Maybe it's best i don't get a cute dog... :-)
thanks for posting! Really love your seashell. Looks GREAT! xoxo

Suzy said...

Oh R-Chee, you don't eat the rabbit poop, now do you?? Enjoy your new friend :)

Mare said...

Archie, you are so lucky to have such a talented Mom! AND i love that picture of you looking into the camera. You are so CUTE!!!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

hi archie,
i hope you don't have any rabbit poop stuck in your teeth! you would not want your mom to find out right?
Seth is a beautiful friend! what do you feed seth? do you share your cookies and stuff with him?
do you know what? i saw a seth last week in the forest. they were exactly like each other. i wonder if they were friends?
today i guarded the house while moms went for a wilderness hike.

Nancy Medina said...

R-Chee, this here is your good pal HowWee. them snailz look delishush. I have always wnted to try summa that essc-cargo.
hugs, PeeMan