Wednesday, November 05, 2008



I just finished another new painting!

Meet the newest member of the Pug Notes family… A Goldendoodle. It is what happens when you mix a Golden Retriever with a Poodle. They are very sweet dogs and do not shed.

He is available on all of the Pug Notes products where you can choose an image.


There is excitement in the air today! Emmitt can feel it too! I can tell because he is licking his nose twice as fast today. Life is art...Art is Life!


Manon said...

Love the painting Melissa! These are very cute dogs and the shedding part..... well.... that's a bonus!

Laura said...

Ahhh, a non-shedding dog! Wouldn't that be wonderful - LOL! Nice painting - when do you have time?

Ritobear said...

This is so super cute! You have so much talent. Give that Emmitt a big squeeze for us!

Puglette said...

excitement? or a little peanut butter?
That goldendoodle is so cute, it reminded me of our Teddy.

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Melissa...very lovely painting. The lady that does my hair at the salon I go too, has a daughter who has one of these dogs. You've captured them beautifully here.

Love your journal from below with all the doggies..just wonderful. Your sister's as well is so pretty.


Diane said...

This is just beautiful, Melissa!
Hope you have a terrific day!
Hugs, Diane

Unknown said...

Melissa, your GoldenDoodle is wonderful, and makes me smile. Did Emmypants help with this one, it is absolutey inspired! : ) sending big ole gigantimus hugs from Texas!

Moira said...

Super-cute! And your journals are fabulous :)

Joan Princing Art said...

What another sweet face! I was showing McKenna your new puppets and such and she too loves the way you capture faces. Didn't know that goldendoodle's never shed! How nice that would should see Larka during a shedding time! White fur everywhere! We run the vacuum constantly during those times!

Have a fun day,
Joan & Skippy

Nevis said...

Very cote! Cute!!! Reminds me of a cockapoo!!! (my childhood dog, a cockerspaniel/poodle)

The Devil Dog said...

That is a great painting. As for the excitement in the air, heh heh, I think it's in the water, too.


sherry carrigan said...

Well isn't he just adorable. Love the newest addition.

Liss said...

cute. We won out election.

Peng Peng said...

Goldendoodle!! Can i change my last name to that?? lol!

Adorable painting of a very sweet pooch :O) you've done it once again!

marianne said...

Sounds like the perfect dog.......
but of course that´s Emmitt already!
My dogs don´t shed either, I like that a lot.
The goldendoodle is great also the name!