Friday, March 14, 2008

The Pug and Corgi Food Challenge

Howdy from Camp Emmitt!

Emmitt has been a wonderful host to his cousins Moe and Dunkin.

We all watched food tv last night. The doggies were memorized by all the yummy entrees and desserts.

Now I have a problem. Emmitt and Moe would like me to add a favorite recipe section to my Pug Notes Newsletter, but here is the catch...

They have eaten all of my goodies and want to try your favorite recipes.

I think one is a little Rachael Ray and the other a little Emeril because one barked Yummo and the other Bam!

I would love to feature your favorite recipes and give you and your pups full honors.

Please just either leave a comment or email me with your recipes. Thank you so much in advance! This will be fun!


Diana Evans said...

Hi Melissa...these are super cute photos...and what fun you all are having!!!

I will have to send you some recipes...oh will think about what to send...

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Weeny&Daisy said...

aww what sweet pics! corgi's are adorable! Mummy doesnt really bake us anything, but she will look out for some nice recipes for the newsletter (oh and she says thank you for her newsletter, and she loved reading it!)

love w and d xxxx

Abby Creek Art said...

Moe and Emmitt are adorable together!

Are these people or puppy recipes you want? Duh...I dunno...hee hee.:)

Frances Louise said...

Emmitt is truly adorable! Moe is no slouch either, for a non-pug breed. My uncle is looking into getting a Corgi as a pet (Mommy thinks he is nuts for not wanting a pug), so we were curious as to how Corgi's are as pets.

Mommy can't cook very well, so she won't subject you to her recipes!

The Devil Dog said...

Those are very cute pictures. Mom wants to know how you could possible get Emmitt into a bowl. Mom does have a bowl big enough for Lucky and me to fit in (she uses it to make bread and granola) the trick would be getting us to stay there long enough to snap the picture.
As for recipes, my favorite is broccoli, steamed or raw.


Diana Evans said...

hahahah....I was just reading Roxy's comment...too funny...

Thanks for popping by and I am thinking of sending you a few from Minnie and one from

Hope your weekend is going well...


Nevis said...

Hmm...first of all, adorable pictures. And, eh? Well, I have one I want to try on the puggies this week, at the latest this weekend. And then we'll send you the recipe.

Mostly I give them a mix of kibble softened with warmed beef broth, wet dog food, usually some sort of steamed veggie, occasionally some meat-scraps left over from our dinner, and a couple of crushed up dog bisicuts and I mix it all up. They're totally loving it. (Of course, they're PUGS!)