Thursday, March 06, 2008

Great Business Resources - Part 2

I am so thirlled that I have received lots of great questions about Constant Contact since my last post. I just cannot say enough good things about their products and service. They have a 60 day free trial so it is free and easy to see what their products can do for your business.

If you decide you would like to sign up, Constant Contact has a referral program set up that will save you $30 when you sign up for one of their packages. If this interests you please email me and I will send you the information. :)

Alyson Stanfield, the author of the book, I'd Rather Be in the Studio, also has an informative blog that I enjoy. Right now, she is offering an opportunity to win copies of her new book by taking an online survey for artists. Click here to read more about this opportunity.

The third business resource that I cannot say enough great things about is CartManager. If you are looking to add shopping cart functionality to your website, I highly recommend this company. I posted about them last year when I was shopping around on the best way to take my website to the next level of e-commerce. I had out grown my mail in order form, paypal and phone in orders using visa and mastercard. I needed an intergrated shopping cart system.

After doing a lot of reasearch, I found CartManager to be exactly what I was looking for. They are afforable, friendly and have the best cart software I have seen. I intergrated their code easily into my website that I build in FrontPage 2003. Like Constant Contact, they also have a free trial period to try them and see if it is right for you.

...and last, but definitely not least, here is my business partner patiently waiting for our morning meeting to begin. He has some important thoughts about the number of cookie breaks he gets during the day. From the look on his face, I think this is going to be a loooooong meeting. I had better get another cup of coffee. :) Have a great day!


Abby Creek Art said...

Emmitt looks like HE needs another cup of coffee!:)

Hey, I would love to go with you to Alyson's book signing!

Karine said...

Alyson is great, isn't she? Thanks for all of the resources. Emmitt is always a welcome sight!

The Devil Dog said...

Hi there! I am thinking that Emmitt is feeling a little left out. Pug hugs are called for. Right now I am nestled in mom's lap, and I am not moving for aything!


Alyson B. Stanfield said...

Thank you for sharing the link to the survey! And, I always appreciate the kind words.

Weeny&Daisy said...

hey m and e! we have missed you, sorry we havent been by much, our mummy has been so busy! xxxx

Love W and D

lizzyl said...

emmitt looks so cute on his little bed! i am sure he is the best business partner ever!