Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Mother Bear ~ Signed, Sealed and made with LOVE

Happy Wednesday everyone!

R-Chee & I are so excited to introduce you to our newest Mother Bear that we made for The Mother Bear Project!

Ta Da!

He LOVES showing off his fancy striped arms! :)

I think he wants to fly to Africa all by himself to hug his new forever child that we made him to love.

R-Chee thinks that Africa is a long way for a little bear to fly all by himself so...

He carefully licked all of the stamps to send him to Amy and her team to pack up with other little bears made from all over the world to go together when the time is right!

We loved making him for them and will make more soon!

If you would like to knit or crochet a bear or help The MBP with yarn or money donations please visit their how you can help page here...  

Please let us know if you make one too!

We would love to see!

Melissa & Archie

1 comment:

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh R-Chee,,, we know you want to fly to Africa,, but its tooo far!

Just send the little bear with lots of love - like you always do,, and he will get there safe!
What a beautiful little bear!