Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sweater Vest Gallery ~ Meet Bella the Ravishing Radish!

Hi everyone!

Happy Wednesday!

I am so excited to introduce you to Bella!

She looks simply ravishing in her new Radish Sweater Vest from The Eat Your Veggies Collection!

Photo courtesy of Sheila F., CA


Red Tweed body / White bobbles / Green Tweed collar


Dark Purple body / Lavender bobbles / Golden collar

Archie and I are so excited to add a new vegetable to the collection!

Our friend Noodles had the wonderful idea to add an eggplant!

We got to work right away and just love how it turned out!

It is now available in our etsy shop for you to enjoy too!

Archie and I always love hearing all of your amazing ideas.

Please contact us anytime you feel inspired to!

Have a super duper day everyone!


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Maggie and Mitch said...

Bella is just too darn cute in her radish sweater vest!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mr. Pip said...

I love the eggplant - those are my mom's favorite color combination.

Your pal, Pip

Minnie Moo said...

Bella is pretty darn cute.


Minnie Moo

Diane said...

Bella looks just beautiful in her new radish sweater! What a cutie!
xo Diane

Noodles said...

Hi Melissa and Archie,
I Loves Loves Loves the EGGPLANT sweater vest and my Mommy said she is going to work real real real hard so she can maybe buy it for me for Christmas!!! I cannot wait!!!! Thanks for realizing HER dream sweater (can't say mine cuz I have not eaten eggplant altho the color is GRRRRR8!
Thanks also for playing the Mad Lib game. Good luck!!!
Love Noodles

Barbara said...

I can't wait until Jeep is big enough for his sweater! We love it so much!!

Bella Mia said...

I am so honored to be featured on your blog, are such a cutie. It was cool here until the middle of June, so I got lots of use out of my radish sweater. I've taken good care of it, so will have it for the coming Fall and Winter. I love my radish sweater soooooo much.
Your friend,
Bella Mia

Lisa M Griffin said...

Busy as ever,I see! :) And lovely, cozy puppy creations. What lucky pups to be able to wear/model your fun fashions.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Bella is the cutest little radish that I ever did see!!!! Its TRUE!
Her sweater is soooo pretty.. nice and crisp like a true raddish!

And the Eggplant,, oh my gosh,, I cannot wait for Noodles to get one so we can see how pretty it is on her. And of course it will look soooo pretty on soo many. Eggplant,, what a gorgeous color.
I still love everyone of my sweaters.. my red one.. my blue and green one, my rainbow one, my nana one. hummm I think thats all of them.
I wear them all! I love them all.. and everyone says WOW!

Dana Orsborn said...

Bella looks very sexy in her sweater!

I was just thinking about which colors
to mix for when I need to order Daisy another sweater. It won't start cooling down here for a while, but Daisy can't wait to start wearing her sweater vest again!

-Dana & Daisy

Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

Just what the well-dressed pooch is wearing.
Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot xx