Monday, May 11, 2015

Bummlie Report ~ Let's ParTaY Together!

Happy Monday Everyone!

R-Chee & I cannot think of a better way to start the week than to have a ParTay with all of you!

The Bummlies have been busy traveling all over the country spreading Fun & Cheer!

Let's join them in their adventures with all of you today...

Meet Noodles & Hammish above!

They love to garden together and soak up the sunshine!

Photo courtesy of Katherine H., CA

Meet Pia Pia & Guapo!

They spent the weekend with their family in Disneyland!

The rode all of the rides, met Minnie & Mickey and explored the Magic Kingdom together!

Photos courtesy of Dawn T., CA

Meet Chu & Hammish

They love to wrestle and play FUN games together all day!

Photos courtesy of Marsha W., NH

Meet Mabel & Earl!

They love to hunt for their favorite things together!

It looks like they hit the jackpot when they found a bone and a whole bunch of Easter eggs filled with treats for them to enjoy!

Photos courtesy of Linda B., ID

Earl and his friends never get tired of playing with all of you!

Photo courtesy of Sandra B., IA

Thank you so much for always playing with me and Archie!

You can follow the Bummlies adventures with all of you in their very own Bummlie Gallery!
We invite you to visit for a smile everyday!

You may ask...

What are Bummlies?

"The Bummlies" are my new line of Stuffing-Free Dog Toys for you to enjoy!

Their motto is... "Bummlies make playtime FUN time!"

"The Bummlies" have traveled all over the world and are reporting back their adventures with all of new families!

They now have their very own Gallery!

Visit to see all of the LOVE, FUN & JOY they are creating and sharing with you!

Each Bummlie sends the message of LOVE both from his front chest and his back "bum"! :)

Handmade of soft fleece, a solid piece of terry cloth stuffing, thread and a lot of LOVE... 

Each Bummlie is unique & the perfect buddy for both dogs and kids!

They are machine washable and if opened by your 4 footed kid, they will not leave stuffing everywhere since they are safely stuffed with a terry cloth towel section that is one solid, safe piece that makes your Bear Bummlie even more huggable!

They are approximately 10" high from tip of ears to toes and 8 " across from paw to paw.

I happily cut, sew, hand embroider and stuff each doll.

You can meet and adopt your very own Bummlie in my Etsy Shop!

Each one is unique and they do not stay in the shop long so if you see one you love that is the time to adopt! :)

Thank you so much for always playing with us!

Have a super day today!

Melissa and R-Chee


MilitaryPugWife said...


Idaho PugRanch said...

The Bummlies are finding such wonderful families to play with!
Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

Tweedles -- that's me said...

All this sharing the bummlie love with so many friends,,, makes me happy too!
Look at all the love!

Noodles said...

I am so happy HAMMISH came into my life. He is a good listener and a really good adventurer.
Love Noodles
PeeEss, I hope other PUGS and pups discover the fun of Bummlies soon.