Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Batter Up! ~ Pug Bummlie Earl goes to the Ball Game!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

It is me...
Pug Bummlie ~ Earl

Guess what we all get to do together today?

That's right!

We get to go and play BASEBALL!

Look who I found!

I ran to him right away thinking he was the Bummlie "Mother Ship"!

Look how BIG he is!

But I was mistaken...

He says he is not a Bummlie!

He is an "official team mascot" and pointed out that I do make the perfect POM POM!!! 

I would have to agree that I do make an excellent Cheerleader! :)

Rah Rah!


Batter UP!

Now where is the Hot Dog Guy?

Like a true Pug Bummlie... I'm starving!

Grab your ball cap and come and join us!

There are enough weenies here for everyone! :)

Pug Bummlie Earl

Photos courtesy of Linda B., Hazel, Bailey & Mabel, at the Idaho Pug Ranch.


MilitaryPugWife said...


Idaho PugRanch said...

Oh Gosh! I had the bestest time at the ball game. Hey Mom!!!! When are we going again ???? those hot dogs were yummy!
Bailey, Hazel & Mabel too!

Sketching with Dogs said...

We saw that post - very sweet!
That Earl certainly gets around.
Dip and Elliot x

Tweedles -- that's me said...

That little Earl sure has an exciting life!!